Two will be the teams that will end the season by ascending the category from an LF2 that will start its new course this October with 28 teams at stake. A path that will begin by dividing its participants into two groups of 14 teams, just as it happened this Wednesday morning.

WOMEN’S LEAGUE 2: The league of opportunities maintains its bet

The commitment to the growth and training of national players will take the Women’s League 2 one more year with all its strength. A competition that gained muscle last year as the epicenter of individual and group projection and that will once again host some of the most successful academies in national basketball. Teams that will compete from the individual training of their pieces to be able to grow collectively in a League whose Final Phase will once again be one of the strong points of the season with the promotion of two of their teams to the LF Challenge.

Group A:

1. Ingenia Solar Energy Costa de Almeria
2. Unibox
3. Manuela Raca Foundation
4. Gardenstore B. Seville
5. Magecties Against Gender Violence
6.CB Aridane
7. Tirso Center
8. BF Leon
9. Irons Diaz Extremadura
10. CB Arxil
11. Seafood Anton Cortegada
12. Marist Coruna
13. Unibasket Logrono
14. HGB Ausarta Barakaldo

B Group:

1. Araguren Multibasket
2. Anagan El Olivar
3. Club Sant Josep Obrer
4. GEiEG
5. Unilever Viladecans BF
6. XXI century
7. Ekke CB Lleida
8. Basket Almeda
9. Sertrans Femení Sant Adrià
10. Homs UE Mataró Femení Maresme
11. Advisor Boet Maresme
12. CB Grup Barna A
13. Promotions CBF Cerdanyola Vallés
14. NBF Castelló