6 games, two of the three ‘windows’ in a forced ‘bubble’ format, qualified for Eurobasket 2022, a final touch with two important victories in Gliwice – over Poland and Israel – with the youngest National Team in recent times and a total of 24 leading players. Spain closed the qualifying round with one more outstanding to add to their career.

Six of those 24 players he has had Sergio Scariolo in all six games they have been full internationals for the first time: Joel Parra, Fran Guerra, Miquel Salvó, Ferran Bassas, Francis Alonso and Tyson Pérez. And two others -Dani Díez and Rubén Guerrero-, who had already been, have played their first official matches. Which highlights that the qualifying phases of the FIBA ??competitions have been revealed, as those of the World Cup already were, as a very valuable quarry of new internationals.

In total, 9 teams from the Endesa League have contributed players to the National Team: Unicaja, Joventut, Morabanc Andorra, Casademont Zaragoza, Movistar Students, Lenovo Tenerife, Herbalife Gran Canaria, Inherit San Pablo Burgos Y Valencia Basket.

With 4 wins and 2 losses, Spain finished second in the group, only behind Israel, with 83.5 points on average per game (the best attack in the group) and 74.7 conceded.

Also noteworthy is the outstanding organization of FIBA ??to the ‘bubble’ last November in Valencia, which was attended by its secretary general, Andreas Zagklis, who highlighted the “Wonderful work of the FEB, the club and the local institutions.”

And the coach has also been the protagonist of these ‘windows’: Sergio Scariolo has already increased his career as head of Spain to 151 games, with a balance of 122 victories, only surpassed by the legendary Antonio Diaz Miguel.

“Now it’s time to play a good role in the Games and the Eurobasket. If someone from here goes, it will be a prize for everyone, “summarized Darío Brizuela minutes after defeating Israel. One more note of the team spirit that has made and continues to make the National Team great.


games played
6 * Darío Brizuela
5 Ferran Bassas
5 Ruben Guerrero
5 Xabi López-Aróstegui
4 Victor Arteaga
4 Jonathan Barreiro
4 Javier Beirán
4 Nacho Llovet
4 Xavi Rabaseda
3 Francis Alonso
2 Carlos Alocen
2 Quino Colom
2 Alberto Diaz
2 Dani Diez
2 Jaime Fernandez
2 Sergi Garcia
2 Fran Guerra
2 Joel Parra
2 Oriol Paulí
2 Tyson Perez
2 Sebas Saiz
2 Miquel Saved
2 Rodrigo San Miguel

2 Santi Yusta

Garbajosa: “A positive balance in all aspects” The President of the FEB, Jorge Garbajosa, values ??that

“The balance of this qualifying round is highly positive in all aspects. Of course strictly competitive, because Spain is new to the Eurobasket; but also because new players have arrived, many young people, and all have maintained the spirit that characterizes the National Team ”. Garbajosa also remarks that

“FIBA’s ‘windows’ are not a formality. They contribute the great value of giving visibility to the national teams during the season and being a very important platform for the diffusion and promotion of basketball, as well as for the growth of players, coaches and referees ”. “From the beginning we have worked to look further, since the first concentration we did in 2017 in Benahavís –Remarks the president of the FEB-.

This has allowed us, among other things, to broaden the range of players, incorporate young people and repair them to make the leap, as three of them did in the World Cup, all without giving up competitiveness, which once again has been outstanding ” . “We have only lacked on the last two occasions – adds the FEB president – to feel the warmth of the fans in the stands, but we all hope to recover it very soon.” “Now we are going to turn to preparing for the summer, which is going to be intense, both for the men’s and women’s teams.Garbajosa remarks. TO

Attending the Olympic Games with both teams is a success that we must prepare well and enjoy, and we also aspire to a third party, the 3×3 girls, who hopefully they will also qualify. And the Women’s National Team will also have the challenge of competing before in the Eurobasket … “ The President of the FEB has finally wanted “To thank the collaboration of the clubs that have contributed players, with the same enthusiasm with which we have received them in the team”, and stand out

“FIBA’s excellent organizational and logistical work in a very difficult year. It has also been outstanding ”.