Four preparation games, four wins. Although as he has pointed out on several occasions Sergio ScarioloIn the preparation phase, the results are far from important, the balance of the Men’s National Team on its way to the Tokyo Olympics is impeccable. For results, but above all for the character and workmanship of a team that, despite new hires and casualties, retains what Ricky Rubio qualify as “Winning DNA”. In other words, also in the words of the base: “The secret formula of the National Team is to be a team”.

11 of the 18 players initially called up have participated in the four games, two against Iran and another two against France: Rudy Fernández, Sergio Rodríguez, Ricky Rubio, Víctor Claver, Marc Gasol, Willy Hernangómez, Sergio Llull, Alberto Abalde, Usman Garuba, Darío Brizuela and Pierre Oriola.

In a preparation phase, in which one of the keys is the restriction of minutes per player, rotations are even more essential, but in these four games Scariolo has maintained the spine with the same starting five of two years ago in the World Cup: Rubio, Rudy Fernández, Juancho Hernangómez, Víctor Claver and Marc Gasol. In the fourth game, without the presence of Juancho due to injury, his place was occupied by Abalde.

On their way to preparation, Spain has beaten Iran 88-61 in Valencia and 96-53 in Madrid, and France 86-77 in Malaga and 87-79 in Paris. The overall attack-defense balance has been 357 points in favor (89.2 on average per game) and 270 against (67.5). Counting only the two duels against the French, the strongest rival of the two, the averages have been 86.5 and 78 respectively.

Although, in effect, the game in Spain has once again been, one more summer, absolutely choral, the Top in various statistical sections have been the following:


52 Ricky Rubio
34 Willy Hernangómez
33 Alberto Abalde
31 Sergio Llull
29 Sergio Rodriguez


23 Willy Hernangómez
18 Usman Garuba
17 Pau Gasol
14 Marc Gasol
10 Rudy Fernandez
10 Pierre Oriola
10 Alberto Abalde


17 Ricky Rubio
15 Sergio Rodriguez
11 Marc Gasol
9 Rudy Fernandez
8 Sergio Llull


5 Marc Gasol
5 Usman Garuba
5 Alberto Abalde
4 Sergio Rodriguez
4 Ricky Rubio
4 Willy Hernangómez
4 Alex Abrines
4 Sergio Llull


8 Rudy Fernandez
7 Alberto Abalde
6 Ricky Rubio
4 Sergio Rodriguez
4 Darío Brizuela
4 Alex Abrines


20 Ricky Rubio
5 Pau Gasol
5 Marc Gasol
4 Sergio Llull
3 Darío Brizuela
3 Victor Claver

The four games played have also given to register some milestones of the history of the National Team. These:

The 3,600 point of Pau. The first point scored by Pau Gasol in his comeback with the Spain jersey was his 3,600th point as an absolute international. It is the historical leader in this category.

More than 4,500 minutes of Rudy. In the first match played, the captain exceeded 4,500 minutes played with the National Team.

Juancho’s basket 100. The first scored by the youngest Hernangómez meant his 100th field goal with the National Team. Of the first 99, 37 had been triples.

Two more debutants in 2021. Usman Garuba and Sergi Martínez joined the list of debutants as absolute internationals this year 2021. Before them were Joel Parra, Fran Guerra and Miquel Salvó, at the ‘euro Ventana’ in February.

Ricky’s 1,000 point. The first basket that Ricky scored in the second Spain-Iran was his 1,000th point as an absolute international since his first appearance in the National Team in 2008.

Pau + Marc’s match 115. They met for the first time in the National Team in the 2006 World Cup, and since then 8 championships have coincided: 2 World Cups, 2 Olympic Games and 4 Eurobasket, as well as friendlies. Spain-Iran in Madrid was their 115th game together with the Spain jersey.

Marc’s 150 cap. The cap that Marc Gasol placed on Fournier in the second minute of the first Spain-France match was his 150th cap with the National Team jersey, since his debut in 2006. His record in official competition dates from the 2010 World Cup, at the who signed 21 blocks in 9 games

Sergio Rodríguez’s basket 300. The basket that Chacho scored in the 11th minute of the game at Martín Carpena, a comfortable shot from mid-distance, was his 300th basket in play of his career with the National Team, with which he debuted in 2005.