La acb will continue to act against bullying for one more season, focusing on an increasingly dangerous scourge: cyberbullying. With the rise of new technologies and Social Networks, digital bullying is increasingly dangerous and harmful for children, whom bullying continues to persecute relentlessly after leaving school.

The start of the campaign in its third season coincides with the International Day against Violence and School Bullying, including cyberbullying. To raise awareness of its importance and combat it, the adolescent youtuber Miquel Montoro joins us to act against bullying, who has suffered in his flesh the harshness of school bullying.

Miquel Montoro will be the ‘Sixth Man’ of a campaign in which the ‘Quintet against Bullying’ formed last season by Darío Brizuela, Víctor Claver, Augusto Lima, Sergio Llull and Guillem Vives will continue to actively collaborate, and who will follow accompanying more players from the Endesa League.

Two years fighting bullying

On wednesday, october 16, 2019, the acb presented in the CEIP José María de Pereda in Madrid, its campaign we act against bullying, an action that has tried to fight against this social scourge. Then, the acb held events throughout the country in which it was possible to count on experts, testimonies from personalities and young people who explained to both boys and girls and educators, parents, the dangers of bullying, what are the most symptomatic and how to combat it.

The pandemic did not stop the objective of acting against bullying and the 2020-21 season was focused together with the stars of the competition: Darío Brizuela, Víctor Claver, Augusto Lima, Sergio Llull and Guillem Vives formed the ‘Quintet against Bullying’ , inviting schools to form their own quintets to combat bullying. The great objective was to raise awareness and educate all those children who look the other way, those who, with their silence or their complicity, directly or indirectly support the bullies.

In its third campaign, the acb focuses on the fight against cyberbullying and will once again hold face-to-face events with experts and players to address how current it is in the face of cases of digital harassment.