Great connoisseur of Gipuzkoano basketball Lolo was in Gipuzkoa Basket as assistant coach for 10 seasons.

His career began as a delegate of Askatuak in the 97-98 season where he spent 4 years. As a coach he started at the UPV-Atlético San Sebastián. After two seasons he went to Iraurgi where he spent three years, two of them in 1st national and another in EBA. It was then that he joined the ranks of Gipuzkoa Basket as an assistant coach and spent 5 seasons with Pablo Laso, 3 with Sito Alonso, 1 with Jaume Ponsarnau and 1 with Porfi Fisac.

After ten years at the club, he decided to change course and went to Angola to be Libolo’s assistant coach. After international experience, he returns to be the head coach of Iraurgi in the following two seasons in LEB Gold and LEB Silver. The last two years he has been Alex Mumbrú’s assistant coach in the Retabet Bilbao Basket of the ACB.