Barton’s arrival at Acunsa Gipuzkoa has history “The coach of my team was Hugo López and from then on he had a connection with the Spanish market. In addition, Lolo and Hugo are friends and have worked together and from there the signing began to take place. Spain is a country where basketball has quality and the doors have always been open to playing here ”.

They start the third week of preseason and he is already getting to know his teammates and coaches more “I love Lolo. He is a very good coach, not only in sports but personally. It has helped me and my family a lot when it comes to settling down in San Sebastián ”. His perception of the team is good “I think we have a good group. It is difficult to locate the team now since we still do not know well how the rivals play. But we are working hard and learning every day from each one of us and from what the coach proposes to us to be a team. I also have friendship with Aegir since we played together years ago (in Sweden in Barton’s first year as a professional) ”.

Regarding both personal and joint goals, he said “what I want is to win, to be the best team. Personally, keep working to get the numbers for each season, working well and improving every day and hopefully meet those expectations that the fans have ”.

He comes from a family with a lot of basketball “my father is easy (he was a player and is a coach). My mother was also a player and she is the one who squeezes me the most ”.