CLevin Hannah, the North American point guard of MoraBanc Andorra, executed one of his former teams in the Endesa League, and with his 22 points and a PIR of 26, led the victory of Ibon Navarro’s team over Herbalife Gran Canaria by 86 to 81; a victory that makes those of the Principality dream of the Playoff for the title, in a game in which AJ Slaughter missed the decisive triples that would have turned the electronic game around.

Herbalife Gran Canaria was totally surprised at the start of the game. The defensive framework created by Ibon Navarro was a difficult obstacle for Porfi Fisac’s men to overcome. Those of the Principality, thanks to their good defense, were also successful in attack. The set was 16 to 6 with two triples from Hannah and another from David Jelínek. In the inside game, Parakhouski also dominated with 4 consecutive points. Visiting coach Porfi Fisac ??sought to break the Andorran streak by bringing in AJ Slaughter. The North American base, with a Polish passport, scored 9 points and approached his own on the electronic. At the end of the first quarter, 21 to 17.

MoraBanc Andorra continued their good defensive tone and Herbalife Gran Canaria was unable to get ahead in the field. At the beginning of the second quarter he approached two points (25 to 23), but a triple by Oriol Paulí was an air of tranquility for Ibon Navarro’s men. The worst news for the locals was the third foul on Senglin who failed to enter the game punished for fouls. A 2 + 1 from Parakhouski, accompanied by Okoye’s third foul, created insecurity in the game for Fisac’s men. Very irregular. A triple by Jelínek depleting possession put a +9 (38 to 29). At halftime, two points from Costello and two from Beirán left 40 to 33. The difference was in the rebounds: 25 for MoraBan Andorra and 13 for Herbalife Gran Canaria.

In the resumption, MoraBanc Andorra continued to suffocate Herbalife Gran Canaria in defense. As soon as they started, the locals stood at +9 (49 to 40) with a triple by Tyson Pérez. The visitors woke up and nailed a run of 2 to 10 to get closer to a point (51 to 50) with two 3-pointers by Dimsa and four free throws made by Okoye. Navarro’s men again clenched their teeth in defense and a triple by Senglin closed the third quarter with 55-51.

The last 10 minutes had the initial dominance of MoraBanc Andorra. Those of Ibon Navarro, continued being solid, and made a partial of 10 to 5 to leave 65 to 56 in the electronic with a spectacular ‘alley-hoop’ of Bandja Sy. Hannah led the Principality with her points and Herbalife Gran Canaria held on to the game with the scoring success of Costello and also of John Shurna. That gave the Canaries options until the end and within a minute two 3-pointers by AJ Slaughter put Fisac’s men within one point (80-79). The key in the final moments came to 45.5 when the Canaries missed four consecutive triples. ‘Tunde’ did not miss at the free throw line and MoraBanc Andorra took an important match to fuel the dream of the Playoff.

Data sheet:

86 – MoraBanc Andorra (21 + 19 + 15 + 31): Hannah (22), Senglin (10), Jelínek (15), ‘Tyson’ Pérez (5) and Parakhouski (7) -the titular quintet-, ‘Tunde’ (13), Oriol Paulí (9), Sergi García (1) and Bandja Sy (4).

81 – Herbalife Gran Canaria (17 + 16 + 18 + 30): Albicy (5), Dimsa (7), Javi Beirán (6), Stevic (6) and Costello (17) -the starting five-, AJ Slaughter (18), Balcerowski (-), John Shurna (13), Okoye (8 ), Diop (-) and Javi López (-).

Referees: Fernando Calatrava, Javier Torres and Cristóbal Sánchez. Without eliminated.

Incidents: Match corresponding to Day 36 of the Endesa League played at the Andorra Sports Center. No audience.