At the press conference that took place this afternoon in the Aragonese capital, the main lines of this “Aragón Women’s Basketball Day” were advanced, with the presence of the main collaborators of the event and the three red captains, Zoe Hernández , Vega Gimeno and Anna Cruz. An appointment in which, in addition to celebrating the present, there will also be remembered references who made Aragonese women’s basketball great, in a pavilion that will bring together a large number of schools and clubs with women’s training teams. A large event that the general public will be able to access with € 5 tickets that will be used for social purposes.

José Miguel Sierra, president of the Aragonese Basketball Federation, opened the presentation with several significant data on the presence of women’s basketball in our community and country: “Women’s licenses in Aragon represent more than 40% of total licenses. In Spain, it is the team sport with the highest number of licenses. We are going to try to give women’s basketball a little more support this weekend, although it already has a lot of value ”. Words that Cristina García, Councilor for Sports of the Zaragoza City Council, has seconded, adding that “Sunday’s act is a faithful reflection of what we want to do: promote women’s sports and help everyone to grow”, he reviewed.

For his part, Javier de Diego, General Director of Sports of the Government of Aragon, has wanted to focus on the work and perseverance of all the players, regardless of their age, in our community: “We must value the work that The girls do, like the boys, so that the players who come behind have references like the players present here and can see themselves in the Prince Felipe ”. This line has been corroborated by Sara Martín, Director of Content at Aragón TV and Aragón Radio, with the audience data of the women’s team at the start of the season, since “each game has been seen more than the previous one and the last one exceeded the average of the chain. It is a good sign that women’s basketball matters and interests ”, she stated.

Illusion and commitment of the red captains

The three captains of Casademont Zaragoza did not want to miss the opportunity to express their enthusiasm in the presentation of the event. On the one hand, Zoe Hernández has remarked that it is “very good that licenses continue to rise” and that all those girls have the opportunity to go to Prince Felipe on Sunday. A good opportunity that Anna Cruz wanted to talk about: “It is very important that girls have access to us and can have that dream of becoming professional players one day. All of us on the team started like this ”. Words that have preceded those of Vega Gimeno, in charge of closing the presentation ceremony, emphasizing the team’s commitment: “The commitment is total. The license and audience data seem amazing to me. That only increases our seriousness to try to win as many games as possible, “he concluded.