The absolute male coach, Sergio Scariolo, has announced the list of 16 players summoned to prepare the next two matches of the qualifying phase for the 2023 World Cup, which Spain will play on Thursday 24 and Sunday 27 against Ukraine. The first will be held at the Palacio Municipal Vista Alegre in Córdoba, and the second in principle remains officially set in Kiev. The team will meet this coming Monday the 21st in Córdoba.

Of the list highlights the presence for the first time of the Valencian Joseph Puerto, who could become the next debutant as an absolute international, as well as the return of Ferran Bassas, Ruben Guerrero and Francis Alonsowho were not in the November call, based on a pool of players with Windows experience.

The 16 summoned are:
Alberto Diaz (Unibox)
Daniel Perez (Baxi Manresa)
Ferran Bassa (Young Badalona)
Joan Tailor (Lenovo Tenerife)
Francis Alonso (Unibox)
Josep Puerto (Valencia Basketball)
Xabi Lopez-Arostegui (Valencia Basketball)
Joel Parra (Young Badalona)
Oriol Pauli (Morabank Andorra)
Jonathan Barreiro (Unibox)
Dani Diez (Inherits San Pablo Burgos)
Michael Saved (Herbalife Gran Canaria)
Jaime Pradilla (Valencia Basketball)
Yankuba Sima (Baxi Manresa)
Ruben Guerrero (Unibox)
Frank War (Lenovo Tenerife)

Scariolo: “A list that keeps going towards the future”

The coach has assessed that “It’s a list that keeps going into the future. We incorporated a player who had not been in the calls for the Absolute Selection until now, such as Josep Puerto, who has been performing for a few months with energy, talent and with progressive improvement in terms of experience in a very good team like Valencia Basket. The rest are players who continue with our idea of ??introducing new players who come out of our training categories and who are making their way into the national competition. Also some player who has already been in other stages and previous calls and we believe that he can continue contributing. And we have not called up more veteran players for this window who at this point in the season may have more advantage with a week off or different training with their teams but who may join in the summer “

About the opponent, Sergio Scariolo assures that “Ukraine is a complicated rival, from here we send a big hug to our teammates and opponents, to coach Bagatskis, his coaching staff and his players, in the situation of uncertainty they are experiencing. We have to prepare ourselves because it is a very talented, athletic and shooting team. It will be two games, of course, very complicated, but we like to meet again, compete again and continue sowing seeds for the future of the National Team”.

Finally, the coach has sent a personalized message to Carlos Alocén: “I want to end by sending a hug and a lot of encouragement to another player who is part of our Family and who unfortunately will not be able to be in the squad this summer, due to his injury. Carlos, we know that you will come back very strong to help your club and also the National Team”.

Technical Staff

The National Team staff, headed by sports director José Ignacio Hernández and team leader Carlos Jiménez, will be made up of:
Sergio Scariolo (selector)
Louis Gil (trainer)
Joaquin Prado (trainer)
Jorge Lorenzo (trainer)
Manuel Aller (trainer)
Lorraine Torres (biomedical)
Enrique Salinas (physical trainer)
Javi Hernandez Bello (physical trainer)
Carlos Salas (doctor)
jordan sospedra (physiotherapist)
Thomas Richartz (physiotherapist)
Javier Salvo (administrative delegate)
David Ortega (logistics delegate)