Pol, who has done the full preseason with the Delta team, is happy for this opportunity to help the team and does not rule out any possibility whatsoever, either to continue with those of Barcelona if that were the case or to study any foreign offer if reach.

Pol Olivier is a point guard with a magnificent athletic complexion, persuasive in defense that provokes recoveries and very fast in attack that completes with an excellent launch from 6.75.

Pol went through the Canarias Basketball Academy before going to the NCAA where he spent four years at Norsthwest Nazarene University, then he would return and serve Cáceres on 17/18 and Melilla on 18/19 of LEB Oro. He would later pass through Cantabria and Zornotza from LEB Plata on 19/20 and last year he would do it at Valls de la Liga EBA.

Someone said he respects basketball players in general and specifically about Pol Olivier, that players suffer ups and downs in a profession that does not always return what you give them.