TD Systems will stop, from today, putting its name before that of the Baskonia. The entity chaired by Josean Kerejeta has announced this afternoon, through an official statement, the termination of the sponsorship contractor that linked him to the Madrid company until the 2023-2024 season.

In said statement, SASKI BASKONIA, SAD argues that “in the event of non-compliance by TD Systems (TEDUIN, SA) of the sponsorship contract signed in July 2020 for the 2020/21 to 2023/24 seasons, both inclusive, much to its regret, it has been forced to proceed to its resolution “.

The discrepancies and differences between club and sponsor come from long ago, coming to light -in the first quarter of this year- rumors that spoke of up to 4 months of defaults by TD Systems. That led to a phase of crossing of arguments and accusations that has experienced its next episode with this resolution announcement.

TD Systems has responded to the Baskonia club through a statement in which it regrets the lack of interest in renegotiating the conditions on the part of the board and in which it reiterates its commitment to professional and amateur sports.


We regret the unilateral decision of Baskonia to terminate the TD Systems sponsorship agreement, which we consider inadmissible and unacceptable.

For months, we have tried to reach an agreement with Baskonia to resolve the profound differences that have arisen over the club’s compliance with very important clauses of the contract.

As is known, during the past year the evolution of the pandemic has seriously affected the attendance of the public at sports competitions, an element that was fundamental for us. We are aware that Baskonia, aware of the damage that the health crisis caused by COVID 19 was causing, has returned money to subscribers. However, in a parallel and incomprehensible way, it has refused any negotiation to adapt the sponsorship contract to the circumstances arising from the pandemic.

For this reason, we feel we are victims of a directive that has acted exclusively out of corporate interest, without taking into account the special circumstances of an atypical season.

We are proud to have accompanied a great club and admirable fans in the last season, to whom we wish the best, but at the same time we express our disappointment with a directive that has been inflexible in its approaches.

We reiterate TD Systems’ commitment to both professional and amateur sports, which we maintain through sponsorship of other football and basketball teams.