ANDhe new Baskonia player Wade Baldwin acknowledged that he is still young and that his dream “is to return to the NBA”, at the same time that he was very interested in discovering how the Vitoria team builds the mentality that it shows each season. That’s why he signed for a year: “I’m comfortable with that, one year is enough to show what I’m capable of,” said the point guard, who hopes to compete to be in the Euroleague playoffs and look for more opportunities from there.

The sports director of the Vitorian entity, Félix Fernández, who was at the press conference to present Baldwin and Granger, confirmed that the club were “very happy” with both signings, spoke about the process of setting up the squad, expectations for the new season, and some details about the continuity of Rokas Giedraitis.

Regarding the transformation experienced by the team, Fernández acknowledged that it had been a “long and hard summer.” “Since last season’s playoff ended we were already moving and analyzing different situations. It is true that we incorporated 7 players, and that it is practically a new team,” he acknowledged.

The metamorphosis has been, in part, forced, as the leader himself pointed out: “The team had to be rebuilt, because players we wanted to continue, such as Pi (Henry) and Achille (Polonara), left us. But both They played a great year and the market has placed them in another project, with much higher salaries. ”

Despite these casualties, the movements made have left the club satisfied: “We are very happy with the reconstruction we have done. On paper, it is the team we were looking for; physical, that can run, that defends, that can score many points in counterattack, “he said.

Another aspect that Fernández wanted to highlight was the fact of being able to have “many players with a great capacity for growth, which is something very important for us; players who can have a long journey. We have brought together youth with veteran An ambitious project, a beautiful project, which is going to give us a lot of joy. I think we are going to see good basketball. “

Closed template

Asked about the possibility of a thirteenth card, Fernández was very clear: “Initially, the squad is closed. We will start with this group, and then we’ll see, but today we consider the squad closed. We have young people who can help us Some who are going to be in Iraurgi, linked, and at some point we can bring them to the Euroleague, for training sessions, if we need them. We also have players in EBA, so we have a bunch of players that can help us do the template a little longer “.

This statement confirmed the non-return of Zoran Dragic to the Baskonia discipline. From the Slovenian, the Basque sports director only had words of thanks: “He has given us everything, and I want to take this moment to thank him. There is nothing to reproach him, he is one of those players who leave a mark on you; he is a very good person, very good uncle, and a very good player. But with the situation we had and the configuration of the team today, we do not have his incorporation, “he concluded.

Rokas Giedraitis stays

Another aspect on which the questions of those attending the Buesa Arena press room turned was that of the continuity of Rokas Giedraitis, about whom a possible march to the NBA this summer had been speculated. “The continuity of Giedraitis is very good news. To say otherwise would be a lie,” confessed Félix Fernández.

And he added: “Already last year, in the Copa del Rey, their agents told us that there could be interest from some NBA franchises. Much has been written on this subject, but the truth is that Rokas had an exit option until the 25th. July, and already those days practically the decision on his part and his desire was to stay. We, as we said, we wanted him to stay and his decision has been that too. Giedraitis makes us more dangerous, gives us more stability in the forward position, so it is a good thing that he stays. It is very good news for Baskonia and for all the fans “,