It was the 2010/2011 season and on the bench Valencia Basket of Liga EBA coincided with a coach who had already been in the elite for seven seasons, Roberto Iniguez, and a debutant, Ruben Burgos, who was taking the first steps of his career as a coach, in this case as an assistant. After that campaign they took different paths. Ten years later, these two trajectories meet again to face each other for the conquest of the Endesa Women’s League title that will be played by Perfumerías Avenida and Valencia Basket from Thursday.

Both began in the world of the basket as players and made the leap to team management at Valencia. The two had extensive experience in national competitions, reached the ACB and, among other clubs, played at Pamesa Valencia. Iñíguez between 88 and 90 and Burgos between 96 and 01.

After that campaign at EBA, the coach from Vitoria went to Ros Casares and from there he embarked on a path bathed in glory in which he has not stopped participating in the Euroleague, a competition that he has already played ten times, or harvesting league titles. nationals of countries such as Spain, Turkey or Hungary. Now, on its return to the LF Endesa has closed a great campaign, reaping the Super Cup and the silver medal in the Euroleague.

Those ten years have been full of high-level experiences for Iñíguez, while for Burgos it has been a period of learning and climbing steps, first gradually, and then at forced marches, growing at an unusual speed.

The Valencian ended up being the first coach of said EBA League squad (2012-2017). With an experience of five years in the house of Valencia, he ran as the ideal candidate to take the reins of the female project that was going to live his first year in Women’s League 2 in 17/18. Since then, Burgos has been one of the most responsible for raising the taronja team to the top of the national competition in just three years.

The coach includes the same finals as the club on his resume. He played the final phase of LF2 and lthe recent finals of the Queen’s Cup and the Eurocup Women, European appointment that supposed to obtain the first title in his professional trajectory. For his part, his rival fights for his eleventh cup and has played more than twenty finals. In Spain he has won two league titles with Ros Casares (2012) and Spar Girona (2015) and is now looking to reach a third at Perfumerías Avenida.

Establishing analogies in the game proposed by the two teams is complicated, because after ten years from their joint experience both have changed their style. Yes OK, the defense occupies a key place in the game of the two finalists, so much so that they are the two teams that have conceded the fewest points in this edition of the LF Endesa. Other points in common is that both squads enjoy fast attacks and give special importance to rebound and outside success. Likewise, the two combine national and foreign talent as well as veteran players and great promises.

The LF Endesa championship is at stake and it will undoubtedly be quite a spectacle to decipher which of the clubs is the leader. The antecedents between both teams indicate that the tension is guaranteed. This campaign Iñíguez won the first game on matchday 13 of the regular stage after winning extra time (71-69), but returned the Burgos coin on matchday 28 with another adjusted result (85-84).

Career Roberto Iñíguez

2003/11: Valencia Basket (Training categories and EBA League)
2011/12: Ros Casares (LF Endesa and Euroleague)
2012/14: Fenerbahce (Turkish League and Euroleague)
2015: Spar Girona (LF Endesa and Euroleague)
2015/17: Oremburg (Russian League and Euroleague)
2017/19: Sopron (Hungarian League and Euroleague)
2019/20: Dynamo Kursk (Russian League and Euroleague)
2020/21: Perfumerías Avenida (LF Endesa and Euroliga)

Career Rubén Burgos

2010/12: Valencia Basket (Liga EBA) -Assistant
2012/13: Valencia Basket (EBA League)
2013/15: Valencia Basket (Liga EBA) – Assistant
2015/17: Valencia Basket (EBA League)
2017/18: Valencia Basket (Women’s League 2)
2018/21: Valencia Basket (LF Endesa)

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