ANDhe Fotis Katsikaris’ team once again showed the mistakes of the past and broke its good streak of three consecutive victories at the expense of a very solvent Baxi Manresa. Two three-pointers by Dani Pérez stopped the great reaction of the people from Malaga, who reached four points after losing by up to 21 points.

Bad image of the Malaga team at the Nou Congost. The Manresa did not give truce. From the beginning he showed a high level and the Malaga team was lost. It is already common for the Los Guindos team to give up the rent to the rival and against a team like Pedro Martínez, it is practically a sentence. That’s how it went. Wanting and not being able to. Wanting and not knowing.


  • 85. BAXI MANRESA (25 + 23 + 16 + 21) Dani Pérez (15), Thomasson (11), Valtonen (-), Moneke (10) Bako (14) -starting five- Francisco (10) Rafa Martínez (6) , Berzins (-), Steinbergs (-), Maye (5), Jou (3) and Sima (11).
  • 74. UNICAJA MÁLAGA (18 + 18 + 15 + 23) Cole (17), Jaime Fernández (10), Barreiro (9) Abromaitis (3) Eric (12) -five starting- Alberto Díaz (11) Brizuela (-), Alonso (7), Guerrero (2), Nzosa (1) and Suárez (2).
  • Referees: Jordi Aliaga, Jorge Martínez and Esperanza Mendoza. Without eliminated.
  • Incidents: match corresponding to matchday 6 of the Endesa League played in the Nou Congost pavilion before 4,000 fans

The malagueños put some makeup on in the first quarter and the local team left with an important advantage (25-18). The traffic jam continued in the second quarter and the Catalans took advantage of it to get above ten points. A small offensive arreón of Micheal Eric, with eight points gave a little oxygen to the Malaga team, but Manresa continued to do his thing. He forced fouls, increased the income based on free throws and the box player defense could not stop Dani Pérez or Sima, who put the last basket before the break and extended the income to twelve points (48-36)

The locker room return brought out the worst moments of Unicaja and Manresa smelled the blood. He went up to twenty points ahead (64-44). Without solutions on the court or from the bench, the victory remained at home. Unicaja pulled from caste, pride and Norris Cole who found the right way to scratch several consecutive baskets. Without offensive regularity, without a game model and with enough free will, Unicaja remained alive at the end of the third quarter. A13 points (64-51)

It was bread for today and hunger for tomorrow. And that was close to the feat. Alberto Díaz did not give up and commanded Unicaja until reaching four after a basket by Norris Cole (75-71). They wanted to sell the defeat very expensive, but Pedro Martínez pulled a draw and a slate. A key time-out to reset your team. There appeared the great threat from Manresa, Dani Pérez. Two triples, two claws that sank any hint of reaction. Victory stays at home. Manresa showed to play more and better, against Unicaja that once again shows the bad ghosts of the past.