ANDhe Valencia Básket had not fallen in the Endesa League since its defeat (97-98) against Rio Breogán in the first round, in December, and the same rival once again cut short its triumphal series (99-82) with a victory that cemented in the third quarter with 35 points from the Lugo team, which swept from the 6.75 line after a poor start to the game at that distance.

Breogán, after two straight defeats, reacted, with a stellar (once again) Dzanan Musa (31 points and a PIR of 47 -the season record-) before the Copa del Rey, in which the faces will be seen on Thursday with Real Madrid, while Valencia will do the same on Friday against UCAM Murcia.

Four points from Sergi Quintela and a greater defensive intensity than in previous duels opened the game for Breogán. A start that had an answer in a three-pointer by Claver in his return to the League after injury and, furthermore, in Joan Peñarroya’s starting five.

Al Breogán failed the pulse in the launches of three at the beginning of the clash, although the first one that Musa managed to plug allowed him to open a difference of six points (11-5) that was soon counteracted by the Levantines with a 1-7 of partial and five points from Hermannsson (12-12, m.6).

With a triple of eight attempts by the Lugo players and two of seven by the Valencians, the first quarter ended with the locals four up (20-16) and good minutes from Jordan Sakho that continued in the second quarter. The second launch of three that Mrsic’s men slipped in, again with Musa in the execution, put them back to six (33-27, m.16).

Peñarroya stopped the match and, annoyed, made it clear to his players that the Breogán players wanted “more”. The talk had an effect and Valencia, with more circulation and three-pointers released, reacted to be ahead for the first time (39-41, m.19), a lead that they maintained at halftime (41-43).

Breogán had to practice throwing three in the locker room because he returned to the track plugged in from the 6.75 line, nothing to do with the above.

Although the Valencians responded with one from Pradilla and another from Prepelic at the beginning, the scoring pace of the locals was impossible for Peñarroya’s to follow.

From 54-53 in the 24th minute, it went to 66-53 in the 27th minute and the fury of the Lugo residents continued. With six of seven three-point attempts, Mrsic’s men went 14 up (74-60, m.29) in a third quarter that ended with 35 points from the locals (41 in the first two quarters) and eleven points at the start in the last ten minutes (76-65).

Dimitrijevic tried to reactivate the Valencians, but Breogán increased the distance with success in the offensive rebound and the contribution of Kalinoski (83-69, m.35). By then, Valencia had a card of 1 of 4 in shots of two and 0-4 in triples. El Breogán went to 19 (88-69, m.36) to seal a victory that no longer had any discussion.

Data sheet:

99-Breogán River (20+21+35+23): Bell Haynes (17), Musa (31), Lukovic (6), Mahalbasic (10), Sergi Quintela (8) -starting five- Kacinas (-), Kalinoski (11), Sakho (8), Erik Quintela (-) , Ivan Cruz (8).

82-Valencia Basketball (16+27+22+17): Hermannson (8), Claver (3), Pradilla (12), López-Arostegui (2), Tobey (4) -starting five- Puerto (7), Van Rossom (14), Dubljevic (8), Rivero (6) , Labeyrie (6), Prepelic (10), Dimitrijevic (2).

Referees: Daniel Hierrezuelo, Vicente Bultó and Fabio Fernández.

Incidents: Match of the twenty-second day of the Endesa League played at the Palacio de los Deportes de Lugo in front of some 3,000 spectators.