It will be in the afternoon-night of next January 4 when the Queen’s Cup knows exactly what its roster of participating teams will be for its 2022 edition. A path that began a few weeks ago and that could lead to this weekend in the classification of the first teams that will accompany Valencia Basket as organizer.


Ten are the days that have already elapsed since the LF Endesa will launch his opening ball into the air to play the first two thirds of the first round ever since. A total of 80 matches and something else from 3,200 minutes of play in which the list of candidates has begun to be clarified, leaving the first clues about the eight teams that could go on to fight for the title.

Quite a chimera for now since the 16 clubs of the LF Endesa They still have mathematical options for some passes that could turn the first hypotheses into fait accompli this weekend.

Especially in El Bierzo where a victory for the category leader would deliver the first of the tickets with the second factor coming into play, that of the search for the home court factor over the last few days.

Cabal that will adapt to the demands of the championship over the next five days and which, for the moment, are in the following way.

Valencia Basket, the ticket endorsed by the host

They will host the Copa de la Reina for the second consecutive season and that is why in Valencia Basket they will have a guaranteed ticket as the host team. Although not for that reason the Rubén Burgos team has relaxed the least in sports. And it is that, the taronja team, is only one triumph behind the leader, with a mattress of four victories over ninth place in the absence of five days and being aware that the sporting merits have brightened its pass. All a motivation when it comes to being able to opt for the next challenge, the condition of head of the series (1st to 4th) for the draw of pairings. For this, Valencia Basket would need at least three more wins within the last five days to fully squeeze their current cushion on fifth place (+2).

Perfumerías Avenida, go for the pass in El Bierzo

With the classification virtually assured, the Perfumerías Avenida will travel this weekend to the Bembibre Arena to be able to opt for the conquest of its ticket in a mathematical way. Because, at the moment, only the general average separates Roberto Íñiguez’s from a classification that could have arrived last Saturday in the classic and that escaped with his first defeat of the course. But with five mattress victories over ninth place in the absence of as many days, the classification of the azulón team seems a matter of minutes of play. Because a victory on the Pajariel Bembibre court or in any of the other four games would be more than enough for a team that could seal the pass even losing all its matches. And it is that even the defeat could serve if it comes accompanied by a triple stumble of the teams that are currently with 4 victories.

Spar Girona, one step (more average) from being able to defend the title

They managed to lift the title in last year’s edition and at Spar Girona they are really close to being able to qualify for their revalidation. Because with 8 victories and a path similar to that of Valencia Basket in terms of results, at Spar Girona they would need a single victory to be able to access the Cup. Of course, that pass might not be mathematical this weekend even winning at home at Lointek Gernika since those of Alfred Julbe would need to save the general average on the three teams tied at four victories. Therefore, the pass could come either with a triple defeat for their pursuers between the next two days or with a double victory. From there, during the last 3-4 days, the Catalan team would start the fight to be seeded in a draw for which they have two wins ahead at the moment.

Cadí La Seu, a challenge with the illusion of the court factor

Seated throughout the first round in the top four, the Cadí La Seu players will face the final stretch pending the last effort. And the fact is that the Catalan cup classification could come with a victory between the next 2-3 days depending on the results or with two victories over the next two games. In this way, Bernat Canut’s team would sign their return to the Queen’s Cup and could even dream of being seeded in the draw, a challenge for which they currently have a victory over their two immediate pursuers. Although, given the prevailing equality, surely we will have to wait to know if the team can choose or not to pass as one of the first four classified.

Campus Promete and Lointek Gernika, for the 50% theory

They each have six victories on their locker and the recent history of the Queen’s Cup usually marks the qualifying cut around the eight wins. For this reason, Campus Promete and Lointek Gernika must challenge themselves to win at least two of their next four games to be able to leave their pass on track in the absence of a final round that could serve as a wild card depending on needs. Because everything will depend on the pressure that comes from below to know if La Rioja and Basques can achieve a pass for which it will be really valuable to be able to win their direct duel in Logroño on Matchday 13.

Casademont Zaragoza and Kutxabank Araski, straighten to confirm

Both teams have been sitting in Cup positions for a few weeks now, but the latest defeats suffered have put at risk a pass that seemed on track. For this reason, both Casademont Zaragoza (-3) and Kutxabank Araski (-2) must put an end to their negative streaks as soon as possible to be able to get back on track. Especially in the case of the Vitoria women who this weekend will face one of their most direct rivals, a Movistar Estudiantes on the rise. In this way, they could have two rental victories in the absence of four days, which could be enough depending on rival results.

Movistar Estudiantes, IDK Euskotren and Innova tsn Leganés, the main threats

With a triumph of the eighth place that will mark the qualifying cut, three are the teams that will have to row against the current throughout the next days to be eligible for the pass. Of course, with several direct duels that could facilitate his final maneuver. A path that excites a Movistar Estudiantes that adds three consecutive victories and that could get into the fight in case of victory this weekend in Vitoria or an Innova tsn that receives the bottom after two consecutive victories. For its part, the IDK Euskotren has in its hand the power to climb positions this weekend since it is measured against a Campus Promete against which it could further compress the fight.

Five teams with a little thread of hope

It will not be easy for them to qualify, but two wins from the cut and with five days ahead, mathematics will support what will be their last attempt. And it is that Spar Gran Canaria (-4), Baxi Ferrol (+1), Durán Maquinaria Ensino (-4) and Pajariel Bembibre (-1) will have to continue adding in favor of permanence trying that this push can serve to disturb your predecessors waiting for your results. Something more complicated will be the bottom, a Clarinos who, with two victories, should not think about anything other than being able to add as soon as possible to be able to escape from dangerous positions.

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