The numbers inside the track. Valencia has hosted 12 teams that have played 22 games between the group stage and the final stage. 144 players jumped onto the La Fonteta floor, while if we add the headquarters in Strasbourg, the figure rises to 192. Between the two pavilions 38 games were played in which 88 referees and 128 technicians participated.

The off-court numbers. A fundamental part for all the above figures to become reality has been the contribution of the 140 volunteers and 35 workers of the organization of an event that has had a budget of 3,300,000 euros.

The stands. 22,038 entries have been counted during the seven days that were held in La Fonteta. Except for the first two meetings of the group stage (Spain-Belarus and Spain-Sweden), all the matches in Spain exceeded 2,500 attendees, 3,000 being the number of audience allowed by the health protocol. The clash with the most public was the Spain-Slovakia on Sunday, June 20, in which the sold-out poster was hung. The final between Serbia and France was attended by 2,400 people.

An exceptional follow-up. The Valencia headquarters has brought together 110 communication media, including the written press, photographers and television, which have allowed the event to be widely publicized. If we group together all the broadcasts of the EuroBasket carried out by Teledeporte (before, games and post-games), the total audience for the event was close to 2 million viewers (1,874,000). The clash against Serbia in the quarterfinals was the one that obtained the highest audience, reaching the figure of 209,000 spectators. The golden minute of this clash and therefore of the entire EuroBasket, was during the end of the last period prior to extra time where 375,000 spectators were reached. The extension of this meeting was followed by 257,000 people.

The sanitary protocol. It was inevitable that the current health situation would not affect the organization of a massive event like this EuroBasket 2021. In order to carry out this tournament, the work of the 126 health workers who have performed a total of 504 hours of service has been essential. doctor. Almost 3,000 COVID-19 detection tests have been necessary to ensure the safety of the Valencia bubble.

Jorge Garbajosa: “I am very proud of the immense Spanish basketball family”

After the closing of the EuroBasket, the President of the FEB, Jorge Garbajosa, wanted to acknowledge the team that has brought forward “the most difficult championship that we can remember due to the pandemic conditions ”. “We wanted to continue raising the level of our women’s basketball and together with our friends from the French federation, we have achieved it”he added.

Garbajosa thanked the institutions and the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation for their support and mentioned the “enthusiasm that the population of Valencia has provided during these ten historic days “.

“We have corresponded to a new demonstration of confidence from FIBA ??in our country and for this reason I am very proud of the immense Spanish basketball family”, noted the President of the FEB.