Darío Brizuela rescued Unicaja (88-74) in a night of poor basketball by Malaga. Bilbao Basket faced their rival until the final minutes of the last quarter. The 31 points of the Basque base served for the people of Malaga to continue to hold on to the fight for eighth place, a position that should be a little short for a competition history. Those from Mumbrú are still in the well despite the fact that they raised the level compared to other days.

The Carpena crash started with a lot of rhythm on both sides of the track. Unicaja and Bilbao Basket hit each other like two boxers in a boxing ring. The malagueños started with two triples from Brizuela and Bouteille that were answered by Hakanson and Balvin. There was speed and also failures. That was why the scoring rhythm also matched his tempo. The swords were kept high thanks to the poor defense of both teams. Zyskowski signed six consecutive points that put Bilbao ahead. Malcoml Thomas and Abromaitis responded for the Los Guindos team. A silly foul on the horn by Bouteille allowed Brown three free throws to send the visitors 18-22 up at the end of the first quarter.

Unicaja came out asleep after the first break. The malagueños only scored from the free throw line. Zyskowski and Dos Anjos led the direction of a Bilbao Basket that had six income on the scoreboard. The Costa del Sol squeezed in defense and with a good job from Rubén Guerrero and Alberto Díaz they achieved a 6-0 run that made it 30-30 with four minutes to go. Unicaja went ahead thanks to a triple by Jaime Fernández, but Jenkins and Brown returned the advantage to those of Mumbrú to end the 35-38 at halftime in favor of Bilbao.

The second half started with both teams faltering. Bilbao Basket scored earlier, provoking the ire of Unicaja, who after fifteen minutes asleep decided to wake up with a 9-2 run. Brizuela and Waczynski took the attack behind their backs to give some normality to what was happening on the track. The ‘mamba’ was motivated against their countrymen and continued to carry the rival ring with force. Rouselle, who forced herself to be in the appointment, stopped the composer momentum with two consecutive triples that returned to balance the scale in the electronic. After a few good minutes, the malagueños deactivated again. Unicaja went into bonus and allowed his rival to take the lead again at the end of the third quarter, (58-60).

Those of Katsikaris again tightened in defense at the beginning of the last act. Alberto Díaz joined Brizuela in scoring for Unicaja to breathe something again. A 7-0 run led by Abromaitis broke the game with six minutes remaining. Bilbao Basket showed one of the reasons why they are down in the table, mental fragility. Brizuela continued to his own keeping ahead of a Unicaja that despite the victory showed that this year his fans will appreciate not even going to Carpena. Brizuela rescued Katsikaris after the 19-day hiatus. The final 88-74 made up the bad composer encounter.

Via Marca.com