The company Promei, Integral Aluminum Solutions, is committed to Basketball in Albacete and joins the Bueno Arenas Albacete Basket project as a new sponsor for the remainder of the 2021/2022 Season.


Yesterday, February 16, the agreement was signed at the Promei facilities by Mr. Juan Francisco Sanjose, CEO of Promei, and by Mr. Pedro Torres Lozano, President of Albacete Basket.

Promei is a company specialized in comprehensive aluminum solutions with extensive engineering knowledge of all types of profiles and parts. Integrating the entire aluminum process from start to finish, including the design, extrusion, machining, welding and anodizing of aluminum and countless finishes. Offering its clients infinite possibilities to carry out aluminum projects, providing the latest generation machinery in Europe.

With a history of more than 20 years, it provides services to very diverse sectors that use aluminum in their products and designs, such as lighting, exterior and interior furniture, construction, structural, industrial and transport such as rail. Because aluminum is present in all kinds of products and being a sustainable material makes it an environmentally friendly product. Promei is a company born in Albacete and committed to this city. This company promotes sustainable initiatives and commitment to the environment, in addition to supporting different causes and organizations that are part of Albacete society as a basis for its social responsibility with its environment. Promei’s main objectives for this year are to offer industries high-quality products with aluminum as a raw material and extol the culture, sport, society and values ??of Albacete.


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