ANDhe Casademont Zaragoza cleared up the unknown of the performance that he could give in his league debut, and that his coach, Jaume Ponsarnau, had manifested by setting an excellent choral match in which he beat a Baxi Manresa who, except at the beginning, was always behind in the bright.

The performance of the entire local block was key so that up to five players were above the ten points scored and the ten in valuation against a Catalan team that led by Sylvain Francisco never gave up but that although at certain times they approached it was not able to certify the flip of the marker.

The best visitor start thanks to his success in shooting allowed him to have up to 9 rental points (4-13) in minute 6, but the local recovery with the entry of the changes meant that the “rojillos” were placed by first time ahead just at the end of the first ten minutes (22-20).

The Aragonese team, after recovering from the dubious start, managed to find the rhythm of the game and the success to not only turn the electronic but also to get away with an income of up to 9 points (32-21) in the 13th minute.

The second unit skill, led by the success of McLean and Radovic, joined by Waczynski, and the good defensive work, gave a much better performance than the initial team, which allowed them to reach the break with a slight advantage of 6 points because in those minutes Sylvain Francisco, the protagonist of his team, prevented the gap from taking on greater dimensions.

The French guard continued to support his team after the break, although Zaragoza’s advantage grew to 13 points (63-50) with a great Matt Mobley (9 points and a PIR of 13 in this quarter).

The key moment of the game came midway through the last quarter, when Pedro Martínez’s men were placed within four points (84-80) and it seemed that they could turn the game around but everything disappeared in the next 45 seconds in which Casademont Zaragoza regained the ten-point advantage that it managed until the end to obtain its first win of the season.

Data sheet

98 – Casademont Zaragoza (22 + 25 + 29 + 22): Javi García (6), Mobley (17), Waczynski (17), Vanwijn (4), Hlinason (-) -starting five- San Miguel (5), Okoye (16), McLean (15), Randondic (11), Vilà (-), Font (5) and Sipahi (2).

91 – Baxi Manresa (20 + 21 + 24 + 26): Dani Pérez (9), Thomasson (11), Berzins (-), Moneke (15), Bako (10) -starting five- Francisco (24), Jou (6), Steinbergs (2), Rafa Martínez (13), Valtonen (-), Maye (-) and Sima (1).

Referees: Cortés, Sánchez Sixto and Fernández Carretero. Maye (m.40) was excluded by personnel.

Incidents: match corresponding to the first day of the League played at the Príncipe Felipe de Zaragoza pavilion before 3,717 spectators.