ORAnother victory for Unicaja, who added their fourth consecutive victory against Betis in Seville (73-79). It cost him, as always, to start the game for the Malaga team that ended up embittering Luis Casimiro’s debut with a great second half. The composers keep the dream of the Cup alive with a choral match that served to cancel the good performance of Evans in the Sevillian team. A game with a lot of tension in which Unicaja knew how to take it a little better than its needy rival.

Data sheet

  • 73 – Coosur Betis (20 + 18 + 15 + 20): Pozas (-), Evans (18), Bleijenbergh (10), Burjanadze (2, Pasecniks (4) -starting five-, Agbelese (13), Cvetkovic (5 ), Almanzán (5), Bertans (8), Eulis Báez (2), Brown (6).
  • 79 – Unicaja (18 + 20 + 23 + 18): Norris Cole (20), Jaime Fernández (7), Bouteille (3), Abromaitis (11), Michael Eric (4) -starting five-, Barreiro (-), Brizuela (8), Alberto Díaz (6), Francis Alonso (5), Guerrero (6), Carlos Suárez (9), Nzosa (-).

Unicaja started a game again with a lack of intensity. Those of Katsikaris let Betis fly, who took advantage of the typing mistake to start with an advantage. They did it with two triples from Vrenz to which Unicaja did not finish responding. Eric and Abromaitis leveled the contest from the paint, but quickly the Sevillians went back on the scoreboard. A 7-0 run caused the first time-out for the Malaga players. It was Norris Cole moment. The point guard scored three free throws and then a triple that brought the Los Guindos team very close. The rebound was key in both rings and was what Casimiro asked of his team in the final stretch of the first act. The exchange of baskets left 20-18 for Betis.

The second quarter started with failures on both sides of the court and a low level of scoring. Neither Unicaja nor Betis were right in attack and the game became thick. It was Bouteille who broke the streak with a great shot from the 6.75 line. The match was a continuous failure on the part of both teams. Only the free throws returned the advantage to Casimiro’s men in the middle of a poor quarter. Things perked up as the triples flew through the pavilion. Almazán for Betis and Carlos Suárez for Unicaja were in charge of spicing up the clash. A three plus one from Alberto Díaz gave Unicaja the lead, but it didn’t last long. Agbelese, with 7 consecutive points, closed a quarter that ended with a typed and even reaction. (38-38)

The script after the break was similar. The two teams started with some scoring problems. Unicaja worked from the free throws of a Betis with problems to defend. That was when the hot moment came for the Fotis Katsikaris. A series of triples scored by Axel Bouteille, Abromaitis and Francis Alonso shot Unicaja on the scoreboard to give the visitors maximum income of the match. An unsportsmanlike act by Pepe Pozas caused a stir and woke up the Sevillian public, who strongly protested the referee’s decision. Unicaja ended up taking the cat into the water to enter the final stretch of the crash. (53-61)

Unicaja started the last quarter with five national players on the court, something very difficult to see in the current ACB. The offensive rebounds kept Betis alive, but the 2-6 run as soon as it started took away definitively the local options for victory. The last section of the game was the most entertaining and colorful. The two teams ran, although Unicaja was always ahead. The tension typical of an Andalusian derby was experienced in each play. especially at the end of the crash. Unicaja had to sweat to finish adding the victory against Betis, who had a very good partial in the final section. The intelligence of Alberto Díaz forcing a foul in attack saved the victory. The bottom did not seem so bottom for many minutes of the meeting. (73-79).

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