A quarter-final with the flavor of a semi-final between two of the best teams in the tournament. A tied game for 40 minutes with small advantages for both. Sonja Vasic making basketball fans doubt her retirement. Spain taking out its competitive gene.

An even final and an extension in which the Lucas Mondelo they collapsed before the great Balkan defense. We will have to fight for the fifth or sixth place, which allows the Pre-World Cup to be played. Head high for a team that has suffered difficulties throughout the preparation and that has had the shot to win the match. The next goal will be to beat Russia on Saturday and start thinking about the Tokyo Games.

The atmosphere of the Fonteta and the faces of Spanish and Serbian women in the warm-up were those of the big events. Two teams that faced each other early in a quarter-final with a lot of talent on the track. Those of Lucas Mondelo began with ease in attack based on the good moment of play of Astou Ndour Y Cris Ouviña (9-12). But those of Maljkovic were not intimidated by the public or by the Spanish defense and prevented the game from breaking down very soon. The first quarter closed with a 13-15 and the game was drawn.

In the second quarter the script did not change, it even became more difficult to score. The defenses were well formed, the aids prevented easy shots and the triples did not enter (Serbia went to rest with 0/8) Rachel Carrera he played some very good minutes, once again showing that he does not wrinkle in big games. But some turnover and the quality of Sonja vasic they prevented the advantage from being increased. Spain went to the dressing rooms with a hopeful 23-27 and with the defenses dominating the attacks.

The third quarter began with a very worked basket of Cris Ouviña that put the 23-29 but a partial of 0-6 with Nevena Jovanovic doing damage to the Spanish defense. After 23 minutes, the match was equalized again. A triple by María Conde was the only offensive hit in a few difficult minutes. The Madrilenian suffered in defense with Vasic, but became the most decisive in attack. Lucas Mondelo’s tactical traps (a zone defense that became individual) did not work on the court, the free throws did not enter and the Serbs began to score from the triple. Difficult moments saved by a triple by Maite Cazorla and two free ones by Ouviña that left 43-43.

The Aragonese base again scored the first basket of the quarter, although it was after a good action from Rachel Carrera when Spain returned to take a slight advantage (47-52). The Galician was facing Jelena brooks and he beat him in the face to face. The forces were weakening and the defenses no longer reached all the shots. In Serbia the balls only passed through Vasic Y Anderson, while Spain had more offensive weapons with Cazorla without fear of throwing. A basket from the Canary Islands put the 55-61, but five consecutive points of Yvonne Anderson it put 60-61. Mondelo time-out with one minute to go, attack failure and Vasic’s new basket from the low post. The match was in the last attack, with 18 seconds to play. Missing Cristina Ouviña, who scored the first and fell short in the second.

Extra time was coming with the two teams very tense. Only the experience of Brooks and Vasic allowed a slight Balkan advantage 66-62 with the Spanish attack collapsed. Personal fouls favored the rival, who was scoring little by little making the next attack more risky. The game was lost. The champion fell in the Fonteta, before his public, but with his head held high.