ANDl Valencia Basket he savored the triumph at the San Luis Fountain for the first time in the ACB season. Those of Joan Peñarroya They turned the scoreboard around with 30 seconds to go and short-circuited a Joventut who had the victory in their hands after curdling a great performance. Bojan Dubljevic, with 4 points in a row, and Louis Labeyrie, with a key offensive rebound, they finished the Valencian triumph (71-70).

An oxygen balloon. That is what Valencia Basket achieved. With an atmosphere rarefied by losses and defeats at home, the taronja team endured all the blows of Joventut to resurrect in the last moments. And it is that from the first quarter, the taronja were in tow of the Penya. Pau Ribas He was the leader of a team that raised the defensive bar from the initial jump and that seemed to drown its rival. Only Dubljevic and Jaime Pradilla found the right solution to prevent the difference from spreading on the scoreboard (20-25).

The changes and the appearance of the second unit did not stop Joventut. Vladimir Brodziansky took the witness of Ribas and punished both inside and outside the painting. Carles Duran’s team was one point above Valencia Basket and all the loose balls fell from their side. And that, in a game that lowered its scoring rate, was pure gold. And with a good shot selection and taking advantage of the 10 lost taronjas, the control of the party was green and black (32-39).

It seemed that the final blow came as soon as the second part started. A basket of Joel parra put the maximum difference (+9) and Simon Birgander it became big to place two consecutive plugs. It was possible to put +11, but Ribas decided to launch a triple that the net did not find and that extra life for Valencia Basket would end up being key. At that moment, Dubljevic and Josep Puerto, with two triples in a row, they drove a Valencia Basket that could not get ahead, but that was already just one basket away from changing the dynamics (54-56).

Still, nerves were reserved for Valencia Basket. Anxiety to win at home took hold of a team that missed up to 4 chances to get ahead. La Penya breathed with actions of beautiful invoice from Derek Willis and Ante Tomic. All the Valencian shots were returned with baskets. But this time, the taronja faith would prevail.


  • 71.- Valencia Basket (20 + 12 + 22 + 17): Hermannsson (8), Prepelic (10), López-Arostegui (10), Pradilla (8), Dubljevic (18) -five owner- Puerto (8), Labeyrie (5) Van Rossom (2) and Rivero (2).
  • 70.- Joventut (25 + 14 + 17 + 14): Vives (8), Ribas (16), Parra (6), Willis (12), Tomic (10) -five starters- Busquets (2), Brodziansky (9 ), Ventura (-), Feliz (-) and Birgander (7).
  • Referees: Pérez Pérez, Bultó and Mendoza. The Happy visitor was eliminated for personal fouls (m.40)
  • Incidents: match corresponding to the ninth day of the Endesa League regular phase played at the Fuente de San Luis pavilion before 5,246 spectators.

The irruption of Martin Hermannsson and Dubljevic’s free throws changed the score after a long time. With only 30 seconds to play, Valencia Basket led by one point and Joventut’s key possession ended in loss due to a foul in attack. Those of Peñarroya entrusted the sentence to a Hermannsson who failed his launch, but Labeyrie captured a rebound that ended up finishing the game. The victory served for Valencia Basket to take a load off their shoulders by winning at home and, above all, to calm the spirits after the latest results.