They have completed an exceptional World Cup standing with authority in the grand final against the United States (20:00, telesport). They have already made history but today they will fight to prolong the dream. These are the 12 components of a promising team.


4. Iyana Martín (21st Century)

Base, 1.72 meters, 2006

Along with Awa Fam, she is the youngest of the group, but despite her youth, she has an unusual knowledge of being on the court in difficult moments for a 16-year-old player. Both in the round of 16 match against Mali and in the semi-final match against France, Iyana did not hesitate to put the team on her back. In this World Cup she averages 13.3 points and with 5.8 assists per game she is the best passer in the tournament. The best? That we can still enjoy her in one more international event, since she is on the list to compete in the U16 European Championship in Portugal.

6. Sofia Alonso (Ponce Valladolid)
Base, 1.72 meters, 2005
In this World Cup she has had a rotation player role but with her performance against Egypt and Korea, Alonso has shown what her main virtue is: the vision of the game and that is that in both games she distributed four assists, allying herself especially well with her inside teammates. She is the star of Ponce Valladolid and that is how she saw herself in the Spanish Junior Championship despite being a first-year player.

7. Laia Conesa (21st Century)
Base, 1.73 meters, 2005
The trio of bases of this Selection is of a high level and above all, varied. Conesa’s is added to the styles of Martín and Alonso. A very physical base, a defensive specialist who overflows with passion and grit when she is on the court. She is averaging 3.7 points, 3 rebounds and 2.3 assists per game. She made her debut last year in the LF2 and in her second year she is already leaving established player records: 5.3 points, 3.7 rebounds for a PIR of 5.7 in 25 minutes of play.

9. Ines Monteagudo (Valencia Basket)
Small forward, 1.81 meters, 2005
With her height, Inés Monteagudo promises an interesting evolution in the forward position. She is a vertical player who already gave clues to her scoring ability in the game against Korea with 7 points in 11 minutes of play. He comes to this National Team after a great course at the hands of Valencia Basket and although the taronja team was at the gates of the fight for the medals in the Junior Spanish Championship, Monteagudo was one of the keys to the great staging of the Valencian team.

11. Judit Valero (Barça CBS)
Small forward, 1.79 meters, 2005
The Catalan forward is completing a World Cup to frame. Her verticality facing the rim is an escape route when things don’t work on offense. She has appeared in the key matches with her 12 points in the quarters against Australia and all 9 in the semis against France. She has a good three-point shot (35%) and multiple resources to finish at 1v1. She is one of the jewels of Barça CBS recently promoted to LF Endesa. A feat, that of promotion, in which Valero was present living the experience from the bench by being part of the LF Challenge roster of the Blaugrana team. In the junior category, Valero also stood out as the third best scorer in the Spanish Championship in which her Barça won the silver medal.

12. Habtenesh Calvo (Movistar Students)
Small forward, 1.76 meters, 2005
She is a player prepared to contribute everything that is asked of her. She is another defensive specialist, but she also contributes in scoring with an average of 6 goals per game. With her balance between assists (1.8) and steals (1.7) we can get an idea of ??how versatile she is. She is always ready to run a good counterattack and is often Cantero’s choice to defend the best opposing outside player. She is one of the great pearls of the student pool.

13. Carla Viegas (CAB Estepona)
Small forward, 1.76 meters, 2005
Carla Viegas’ talent for shooting threes is extraordinary. She has a 47% accuracy but with 20 triples, she is by far the player who has scored the most from the perimeter of the entire World Cup. In addition to her ability to shoot from 6.75, the search for spaces freed up from her is also good. Her three-pointer against France with 1 minute remaining in the match made it 61-59 with which Spain put the win on track. This season she has made her debut in LF Challenge and in the second national category she has already carved out a niche for herself as a specialist: she was the best triple jumper in the competition with 50% accuracy.

8. Blau Tor (21st century)
Power forward, 1.83 meters, 2005
Another player ‘made’ in the Segle XXI. She is a four with high-quality technical movements to the post and surprises when she goes out of the zone and dares from the triple (3 of 5 in the entire championship). A team player ready for whatever comes her way, whether she is defending the French towers in the semi-final, or contributing in scoring as was the case in the match against Egypt (14 points). This course she has played in LF2 8 minutes per game, leaving very good feelings in what has been her irruption in the national category.

18. Marina Mata (21st Century)
Power forward, 1.87 meters, 2005
Marina Mata is a quality interior rotation. In this World Cup, she averages 4 points and 4.2 rebounds per game, of which more than half are offensive rebounds. She has also played with the Segle XXI in the LF2 and has done so by being a fixture in Javier Torralba’s plans. She played every game and averaged 6.1 points and 4.6 rebounds for 7 PIR credits. In the last game of the group stage against Korea, Mata posted a double-double with 13 points and 11 rebounds.

10. Awa Fam (Valencia Basket)
Center, 1.92 meters, 2006
The name of Awa Fam has not stopped sounding this last season. And is not for less. The center from Alicante made her debut at the age of 15 in the Eurocup Women, in LF Endesa and in the Copa e la Reina with a Valencia Basket team that had her in the dynamics of the first team throughout the course. In this tournament, she currently averages a double-double: 11.2 points and 10.2 rebounds and also stands out for her passing ability with 2.2 assists per game, which makes her the center with the best pass in the entire World Cup. Some numbers that place it as the third best rated in the tournament with 19.3 credits on average. Like Iyana Martín, she is from the class of 2006.

16. Queen Ikhiuwu (Innova TSN Leganés)
Center, 1.81 meters, 2005
Queen is another interior rotation that in this case brings a lot of defense, intimidation and rebounding. She comes from the Innova TSN Leganés youth academy and this year she made her debut at LF Endesa playing two games, which are sure to be unforgettable for her. In this World Cup she stood out against Egypt with 7 points and 4 rebounds that took her to a PIR of 10. She is another team player who always has words of encouragement for her teammates.

17. Ariadna Termis (21st century)
Center, 1.97 meters, 2005

His regularity in this tournament is reflected in his numbers: 4.5 points and 5.7 rebounds lead him to an average rating of 8.2 PIR. Together with Fam, she is one of the best rebounders in the entire tournament and together they make up an interior couple that is difficult to beat and that fits perfectly. She has also played in LF2 with Segle XXI and she also stood out there. She has 6.3 points, 6.6 rebounds and a PIR of 9 in what has been her third season with minutes in the national category.

Cristina Cantero, at the controls

The feelings that this group gathered in the San Fernando U16 Challenger last year were very positive and in this second year with the group, Cantero has kept the bar very high. It is her first international experience as a Coach and she has reached nothing more and nothing less than a world final. One more achievement for the coach of Celta Zorka Recalvi from LF Challenge.

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