The Queen’s Cup 2022 knows has confirmed today the name of the eighth and last team that will fight for the title on the floor of the Fountain of Saint Louis of Valencia. A ticket awarded in the distance to Casademont Zaragoza after the defeat of Kutxabank Araski in his feud with the Valencia Basketball.

In this way, the competition is only pending the last match of the first round, which will face the next day 12 Cadi La Seu and to Lointek Gernika in Catalan lands and that will decide which of the two teams manages to enter the pot of the four teams that will act as seeded for the pairing draw.

A competition table that will be decided over the next few weeks and that will mark the way to the title starting next Thursday, March 24, when the queen’s cup toss his maiden ball into the air.


Perfumerías Avenida, first classified for the rooms on Thursday

They were the first team to qualify for the Copa de la Reina and they did so a few weeks in advance. Quite a custom for the most successful team of the last decade (7 titles) and that usually acts as a preamble to the fight for a trophy that eluded them last year. And, as if that were not enough, Roberto Íñiguez’s men have managed to qualify as “winter champions” which guarantees them not only being able to be seeded, but also the possibility of playing their quarterfinal match in the afternoon- Thursday night.

Valencia Basket and Spar Girona, two classified waiting

Alfred Julbe’s Spar Girona will defend the title won last year at La Fonteta and Valencia Basket will opt to win it with the support of its fans. All this after a great first round that they have closed from second and third place respectively. Two positions that have been inverted this Friday night after the victory of Valencia Basket in Mendizorrotza in their last match postponed from the first round. A change of hardly any importance in the face of the pairing draw where both teams will enter the seeding pot.

The court factor, between the heads-up between Cadí La Seu and Lointek Gernika

Cadí La Seu certified their classification several weeks in advance and it took a little longer for Lointek Gernika to arrive, who had to settle the vast majority of postponed matches beforehand. Of course, Mario López’s team still has one last duel ahead of them, the one that will decide on February 12 if they enter the Cup as the top seed in the draw (4th) or if they do so outside this select group. A match that fate has wanted to be a direct duel with their main rival, a Cadí La Seu that, winning in their fiefdom, would manage to recover that fourth place that they have enjoyed for much of the season. If Lointek Gernika were the winner, the privilege would go to the Basque team, an account as simple as it is demanding for its protagonists.

Movistar Estudiantes and IDK Euskotren, waiting for the draw

They had achieved their virtual classification a few weeks ago, but it was not until the dispute over the last postponed that Movistar Estudiantes and IDK Euskotren were able to confirm their return to the great cup event. Two teams that will act as the main novelties compared to the last edition and that will come into play in the draw from the hype of those teams that will not be seeded. The objective: to be able to find the best possible match to qualify for the semifinals.

Casademont Zaragoza, from the virtual to the mathematical

A few weeks ago, Casademont Zaragoza had left their cup classification pending, but the existence of postponed matches has forced the Aragonese team to wait until the last moment. Because mathematics still gave a remote possibility to a Kutxabank Araski who could snatch the pass from the red team in case of victory by 75 points against Valencia Basket. A result that the competitive logic ended up evaporating with the passing of the minutes until reaching a final honk that confirmed Casademont Zaragoza’s pass to the Copa de la Reina de Valencia.