Lto sixth wave of the coronavirusamplified by the contagious omicron variant, is whipping hard to the population, and sport is no exception. The Professional Soccer League made public yesterday that after the Christmas party he had 217 positives between First Division (87) and Second (130). The ACB League is not free from contagion either. In the last two weeks it has registered 56 positive cases and has had to postpone seven games for it: Barcelona-Manresa, Lenovo Tenerife-Valencia, Joventut-Real Madrid, Barcelona-Andorra, Manresa-Obradoiro, Breogán-Joventut and Bilbao-Unicaja. And everything indicates that in the coming days there may be more.

Mega outbreak in Manresa: 13 cases

The BAXI Manresa It has been the most punished team with 13 positives, although yesterday three of them already tested negative. He is followed by Real Madrid with 11 infections, including his coach. An outbreak caused nine infections in the Lenovo Tenerife. And seven has suffered the MoraBanc Andorra. And the Surne Bilbao announced five this Monday: two players and three members of his coaching staff.

The most punished teams in the ACB

  1. BAXI Manresa 13
  2. Real Madrid 11
  3. Lenovo Tenerife 9
  4. MoraBanc Andorra 7
  5. Surne Bilbao 5
  6. Barcelona 4
  7. Joventut 4
  8. 1
  9. Bitci Baskonia 1
  10. Valencia Basketball 1

Alex MumbruBilbao’s coach, is committed to living with the virus: “It’s good that the league doesn’t stop because I think it’s good for the show. The omicron strain appears to be much more contagious but much less deadly,” he said. “We have to live with it. We have to go back to normality because if there is not going to be a time when we are going to go crazy with so many restrictions. It is what we are having to live and we have to accept it as it comes.”

It’s good for the show that the league doesn’t stop. We have to live with it. We have to go back to normality because if there is not going to be a time when we are going to go crazy with so many restrictions

Álex Mumbrú (Coach of Surne Bilbao)

The contagions of Real Madrid (11) and Barcelona (four after testing positive yesterday Kuric and Calathes) make The Classic on Sunday is in danger. The whites would have to recover five players, since the ACB requires nine uninfected among the 12 registered and only has four healthy, although five of those infected will arrive on time After completing 10 days of isolation… if they test negative.

Watch out for the Copa del Rey de Granada in February

And watch out for Copa del Rey de Granada (February 17 to 20). the CBA put the subscriptions on sale a week ago nowbut if the pandemic runs amok there could be public restrictions… or have to be played behind closed doors. They will send the health circumstances that occur at that time and what is decided, in this case, by the health secretary of the Andalusian Governmentbecause the communities have the power to limit or not capacity for public health reasons.