ANDhe Real Madrid has lost its way. And he has done it in one of the most important moments of the season, when the second title of the course is at stake, the King’s Cup. The white team will land in Granada in the midst of a crisis of results and identity that has led them to add five losses in the last 17 days.

Five stumbles and a first loss at home in the continental tournament that has uncovered the shortcomings of a team that continues to rule in the domestic competition and in the Euroleague, but has shown its weak points too much to its rivals, who now see the way to drive the tooth to a team that has plenty of wicks to reverse the situation.

Real Madrid continues to boast of one of the best indoor games on the Old Continent with Randolph, Thompkins, Poirier, Yabusele, and Tavares. A trio of giants among which the Cape Verdean stands out, on whom the white team now depends excessively, as was shown against Barcelona. The African was an island, but he alone cannot handle everything. Especially if he has to do everything to make his own baskets.

no offensive clarity

Because if Madrid is more than covered on the inside, the problems of Laso’s team are starting to clear up on the outside. The Madrid team that can’t find a way to generate game fluently and to which each possession in static It costs him a world to find the easiest way to the rival hoop. Without being able to run, Madrid gets stuck and the ideas and the connection paths between its players are clouded, as they demonstrated against Barça (only seven assists), against Fenerbahce (10 turnovers) or against Valencia (12 turnovers) in his last three stumbles.

Real Madrid – Barça: intimate enemies

A problem to which, for the moment, no solution has been found. Laso tried it against Barcelona when in the second half he gave the reins of the preparation of the game to Abalde and Hanga ahead of Heurtel and Williams-Goss, surpassed at all times by Laprovittola, Calathes and Jokubaitis. However, the experiment did not give the expected results either.

The triple problem and the memory of Carroll

Another of the great moles of this version of Real Madrid is being his odyssey from triple. What was once one of the great offensive strengths of Laso’s team has become an ordeal in recent games. Against Barcelona, ??the white team recorded its second worst percentage in the history of the Euroleague with 9.1% after hitting just two of his 22 shots. A percentage only surpassed by the 6.7% signed in 2010 against Charleroi, when he was one of 15 in his shots.

The problem is not only the failures (against Fenerbahce he was 6 out of 28) but how those shots arrive. Many of them are the product of a system that is not finding a way to generate comfortable shots and results in forced triples, in uncomfortable situations, without superiority or at the end of possessions poorly executed.

The triple was a resource for which Real Madrid previously had a factor that it does not have today. At least on the pitch. It is in those moments when the team misses a player like Jaycee Carroll, who continues to appear on the club’s website as a member of the team, who was able to unblock this type of situation with shots for which he did not need too much space or time. A ‘microwave’ capable of heating up a game in two actions and that right now Madrid doesn’t have.

Physical problems and different energy

Real Madrid entered the game against Fenerbahce with the casualties of Deck, Taylor, Hanga and Heurtel, while against Barcelona Laso could not count on either the Argentine or Rudy Fernández, whose contest is doubtful for the Cup, or Taylor. Three losses that reduce the outside game of Real Madrid. Especially the Balearic, who at 36 years old is still one of the fundamental pillars in a Madrid whose physique is beginning to fail.

A fundamental aspect against a team as demanding as Barcelona, ??which bases a large part of its success on that physical demand on its rivals and which once again demonstrated it against the whites. For its part, Laso’s team shows symptoms of fatigue in recent encounters and energythat spark that made him light up the games, seems to have run out in recent games.

The Barça, a stone in the way

The sensations are not the best and even less so when they have Barcelona in front of them. Jasikevicius. A rival that can now be found in the Cup final and that they have won nine of the last 12 matches and have won 11 of the 15 quarters both teams have played. A fact that does not exactly invite optimism.

Real Madrid, however, still have a cushion to afford something common in such long seasons: potholes. The white team is experiencing its worst moment of the course with five defeats in the last 17 days. However it is still leader in the Endesa League and co-leader in the Euroleague, where they have a two-win advantage over Armani Milan and four over Olympiacos.

Without losing sight of Juancho and Campazzo

The white team still has room for improvement and is confident in its current squad to get through the season. However, there are names that continue to appear in the white orbit and that could end up in the white house before the end of this season. One of the names on that agenda is Juancho Hernangomezwhat could be cut by the Utah Jazz and could go back to Europe on a stage in which the name of the white club appears, which He’s been following in his footsteps for a long time. Of course, they would never even reach half of the emoulements that Juancho could earn there.

The other name that is linked to the white team and that could also make a return trip from the NBA is that of Facundo Campazzo, although in his case everything is more complicated, after the Nuggets decided to keep the Argentine after the transfer market closed. The Argentine point guard ends his contract this season and his future will depend on his possible fate and performance in the summer. Real Madrid has contacted him during this course to let him know that, if he wanted to return to Europe, they would open the doors wide for him.

Two names that appear on the horizon of a team that does not lose sight of the market opportunities to try to shore up a team that is going through its worst moment of the year before facing the first great challenge of the season: the Copa del Rey that right now is in the power of Barça.