The real Madrid will have homework next summer. Some he has already done, such as tie to Thomas heurtel, who will join with a one-season contract with an option for another. The continuity of Jaycee Carroll It is also on track, given that the player communicated more than a month ago that he was open to continue for another year and the club is delighted that he continues, as it will hardly find a better and more committed player. After that, the whites have business to resolve.

PABLO LASO has an agreement to continue for two more years

Madrid and the coach reached an agreement to stay together two more seasons. The only thing left is the club to make official the continuity of a myth of the Madrid bench. He is immersed in his tenth season in the white team and, if he fulfills his new contract, he can reach 12. Add 20 titles and in February it surpassed Lolo sainz as the coach with the most matches directed in Madrid.

SERGIO LLULL has earned the renewal

The point guard ends his contract in June, but there should be no problems for me to renew, although it would be to the downside. It is an icon of the section and the Most charismatic player in the Laso era. Weighed down by physical problems since breaking his knee in August 2017, could not have continuity since then.

GABRIEL DECK, a piece to build on … if he stays

The Argentine is confirming himself this season as a player on whom to build the future … if he stays. The NBA tempts the forward, which is already decisive on both sides of the court. Its renovation has long been encrusted. Despite its extraordinary performance it is one of the lowest paid on the staff. You are aiming for a raise in your salary, but you don’t want a high exit clause. Talks could resume shortly.

USMAN GARUBA is pending the draft

The youth squad has grown a lot in recent months thanks to its intensity and its physical power. He has a hopeful future, but perhaps not wearing white. Everything indicates that will be presented to the NBA draft. If he goes upstairs, he could leave. Forecasts place him midway through the first round and going up, given its recent performance.

FELIPE REYES hurries a legendary race

The captain ends the contract and everything indicates that will retire at the end of this season. He has hardly had a chance this season. Has played 11 minutes so far in the Euroleague, although his role as a mentor with young people is almost more important than the one he develops on the track. You will be dismissed with honors it deserves and will go to the club’s offices.

NICO LAPROVITTOLA ends contract and will not continue

The point guard arrived two seasons ago as Endesa League MVP, but in the time he has played for Madrid he was only close to that level against minor teams. His relationship ends in June and will not be renewed because, in addition, his salary is considerable: around one million euros. Thomas heurtel will be your substitute.

ALEX TYUS has been a patch

The pivot, who signed until the end of the season, will not continue. He’s involved and has a good attitude, but his physique is not what he was. He came to give minutes of rest to Walter Tavares and it has failed to ease the physical burden of the giant. Madrid need a player better than him and you’ve been looking for it for a long time.

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