They accumulate hundreds of hours of flight behind their backs in this basketball and they know perfectly what it usually feels like on that afternoon in which one disputes a first day of competition. A certain experience that, on this occasion, could not prevent their respective parties from being accompanied by a certain emotional charge.

Because when Mariona ortiz she knotted the laces of her sneakers inside the Magariños dressing room, she did so accompanied by that certain nostalgia that usually accompanies those who are about to set foot home again after five seasons of “Erasmus Deportivo”.

A sensation similar to the chill that ran through the body of Angela Salvadores before the mirror, when the new player of the Valencia Basket donned the team jersey for the first time at the Fonteta or to the feeling of Lino Lopez when he stepped on the boards of a pavilion that was about to return to an LF Endesa from which they never wanted to leave.

Three stories that put the emotional character to a first day that its protagonists will remember forever.

Mariona Ortiz: “Playing in Spain again has been really emotional”

Five years had passed since Mariona Ortiz stepped on the tracks of an LF Endesa that she had dazzled with her youth and character and in which she had earned the right to write her own future.

A march that led to a five-year period away from our country, thus building a longing that came to an end on the afternoon-night of last Saturday through a most emotional debut.

This is how the player herself explained it to us with the perspective that the passage of the first days of the season gives: “I came from five years outside of Spain in which I had been away from my people, in which I could only see my parents once a year, in which my friends had not had the opportunity to see me play… But after all that time, in this first game everyone could be by my side and that made the match very special “.

An emotional reunion that made Mariona live a very special day: “I recognize that it was a very emotional day for me because, even from the first hour, I received many messages from people who wished me the best and that caused me to feel very loved and, above all, fortunate, to be able to have everyone close to them again. The pity was that we could not finish the game with a victory as we all would have liked, but the feelings were positive and with that we stayed “.

Because if the foreign players are clear about something that their return to Spain could not have arrived with a better destination: “I knew I was coming to a very special club, but from the first day I set foot in Magariños I started to feel at home. We are a really good group of people and that makes me feel proud to be able to wear their shirt and to be able to fight for victory in each game with Movistar Estudiantes “.

Ángela Salvadores: “I really enjoyed my debut at La Fonteta”

A few hundred kilometers from the capital of Spain and on the other side of the A3, on Sunday afternoon he took us to a Fonteta prepared to host the first official match of his team at home.

A duel in which the fans were going to reconnect with the national bloc of the past year, but also with a new piece back to Spain dreaming of a return like the one that Queralt Casas or Cristina Ouviña experienced in their day.

On this occasion, personified in the figure of an Angela Salvadores who placed the seven on her back to fulfill her wish: “I really wanted to play in Spain again and, above all, that the time would come to be able to play at La Fonteta. The feeling I have is that it was a very nice debut and that I really enjoyed the game. Despite the capacity limits, the public creates a great atmosphere and is very noticeable in the game and that is something that makes you enjoy each action much more “.

The best possible ingredients when it comes to laying the foundations for the new season as he recognized before leaving for Girona: “On a personal level I think I felt comfortable in the game thanks to the good work that the whole team did and that makes me think that it could be a good year for everyone. They have welcomed me very well, I feel loved and I am very happy to be able to play for this club and looking forward to the next game so that we can continue to grow as a team “.

Lino López: “As a Ferrolano, I am very proud of this return”

And if the returns of both players were important, no less attractive was the collective return of the day, that of a BAXI Ferrol who once again felt like a LF Endesa team two years later.

A long-awaited return that began to be felt when, two hours before and with the installation still in the dark, Lino López began to walk through the changing room tunnel to the track: “It was a really special moment because the return to LF Endesa was something highly anticipated and desired by the entire team and the entire fans. I think that we all felt a special emotion, the public turned to us and supported us from the moment we took to the court and until the ovation at the end of the game ”.

A special day for a coach who decided to remain at the club in the most difficult moments and who thus saw all his efforts rewarded: “Personally, as a Ferrolan, I felt very proud of everything I experienced in the pavilion. You feel very happy when there is an atmosphere like that and, even more so, if you end up winning the match to be able to give additional joy to your people. We are very happy that Ferrol can once again enjoy what is the best women’s basketball league after the WNBA “.