The manager of the firm from Castellón, Serafín Pérez, received Luis García, president of the club, and the players Eric Stutz and Boyd Van der Vuurst at the Castelec offices, who officially handed over the cards to the new collaborator of the tile club.

For Serafín Pérez, “current business management cannot be understood without the creation of synergies with other companies or entities. In this case, it is important for us to go hand in hand with TAU Castelló, an entity that is doing a lot for basketball in the province and that proudly bears the name of Castellón throughout Spain”.

For his part, Luis García felt very satisfied to continue adding business strength to the project, “it is very important that the TAU Castelló project continues adding collaborating companies. We are delighted that Castelec has wanted to join our Business Club. It is an important company in the world of energy consultancy with more than 2,000 clients and that says a lot about it”.

Castelec is an energy consultancy whose activity is focused on monitoring and advising on electricity consumption for both companies and individuals, in order to ensure that energy costs are as low as possible for its clients. They do it with a direct and very personalized treatment, adapting the contracting of the marketers to the real needs of each client. In addition, they install an innovative telemetry equipment that monitors different aspects of the behavior of electricity consumption in companies in real time, which allows progress and control of voltage rises and falls, excess consumption, reactive energy and many other factors that are finally seen reflected in the monthly cost of electricity.