Lto visit of Real Madrid at BAXI Manresa It was anything but comfortable. To the pupils of Paul Laso It was difficult for them to carry out their first meeting after 12 days of hiatus. The team led by Peter Martinez showed why he is ranked eighth in the Endesa League and he sold dearly his defeat against a Madrid that he needed all his weapons to carry out the meeting.

A shock that also had moments for controversy like the one experienced five minutes into the game. The referees pointed out an unsportsmanlike foul Joe Thomasson on Real Madrid player Adam Hanga. Not convinced with their decision, the arbitration trio went to the scorer’s table to watch the Instant Replay, at which time the Nou Congost DJ took the opportunity to play ‘Escándalo’, Raphael’s famous theme. A moment that caused the laughter of the local fans and the anger of the visitors.

It was not the only time that the person in charge of animating the atmosphere of the pavilion became the protagonist to the outrage of the Madrid fans. In another controversial moment of the meeting, the DJ also played the music of ‘The Godfather’, causing the audience to applaud.