Lto victory of RETAbet Bilbao against Joventut certified the descent of Movistar Estudiantes to LEB Oro. The blackest day in its history took shape this Sunday, but it was taking shape during the season, especially in recent months, in which went into a spin and the crash was total, with nine defeats in a row in the last games that precipitated his downfall.

Was the culmination to an ‘annus horribilis’ of a Students who encountered all kinds of sporting difficulties, beyond the usual economic that suffocate the club in recent years. In mid-February dismissed Javier Zamora as a coach and signed Jota Cuspinera looking for a revulsive, but the arrival of the new technician had no effect.


He did not have it easy Cuspinera, although he ran into the signing of exNBA JJ Barea, which was not the panacea either. With the Puerto Rican base the balance was four wins and 15 losses. And above gave the scared leaving the team lying before the last day.

In addition, the schoolboys were hampered by a plague of injuries that hampered his game. Fell Vicedo, Roberson, Edwin Jackson, Giedraitis … and Gentile returned to Italy because he could not overcome his physical problems. As if this were not enough, the last week suffered two positives for covid-19 in his squad and had to face the decisive match against Burgos with only seven first team players. “We have reached the limit, with players who could no longer wear pants or shirts,” he confessed Cuspinera after the defeat to him Burgos.

We have reached the limit, with players who could no longer wear pants or shirts

Jota Cuspinera (Student Coach)

The technician had to pull the kiddies, which he fulfilled within his means, but it was not enough. All these adverse circumstances caused a multi-organ failure that left Estudiantes mortally wounded. A massive infection that has ended their relegation to LEB Oro, a purgatory too harsh for a historic club that is now forced to rise from its ashes.

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