ANDl Students face the hardest moment in its history with the descent to the LEB Oro. The unmitigated triumph of RETAbet Bilbao against Joventut condemns the collegiate team, the the only one with Real Madrid and Joventut who had always played in the First Division since the National League was created in 1957. 64 years later, students lose the category.

They wore years on the wire (Up to three times they had been saved from relegation in extremis and not precisely because of sporting merits) and in the end this one has been broken. On 2008 faced the abyss, but achieved permanence after winning on the last day in León. Was the first serious scare of their existence, but then more came.

First decline in 2012

In 2012 it lost the category after falling home to him UCAM Murcia in the farewell of the legend Carlos Jimenez, but finally it did not descend. One month later the Iberostar Canarias announced that it could not climb faced with the impossibility of meeting the promotion fee (about seven million euros) and Students kept their place.

Second decline in 2016

In 2016 something similar was repeated. After losing in Guipúzkoa to a GBC already relegated, Students lost the category again. But how neither the Quesos Cerrato Palencia nor the Melilla could face the canon promotion, schoolboys they saved their skin again.

Third decline in 2020

The last drama lived it last season. Occupied one of the last two places of the Endesa League when the regular league was suspended due to the pandemic, but the ACB decreed that since the season could not be finished, there would be no relegation. Was the last match ball that the schoolboys could save, that this season they have no longer had a net. So many times the pitcher went to the fountain …