JJ Barea, base of Movistar Students, will dissociate himself from the collegiate group this Tuesday, according to the website Basking, and has subsequently announced the player.

The ex of the Mavericks, who signed for the college team last January 23 to reinforce its perimeter and try to get the team out of the bad dynamics in which it was, it has not managed to change that trend and the schoolboys will play the permanence with Bilbao Basket and Acunsa GBC.

Surprising departure in the absence of a decisive match

To the Students He only had one game left to finish the League, against him San Pablo Burgos next May 21, but his departure was not understood at the moment when the team is playing the relegation.

Barea explained his reasons in El Vocero, a newspaper from his native Puerto Rico: “I’m going home to see my children. What remained was a match and you had to wait until the 21st. They delayed it until that date, but I told them that I had to go. Tomorrow [por este martes] I’m leaving for Dallas. The last time I saw my wife and children was in February in Puerto Rico at the FIBA ??Window. Not having the children and my wife here has been strong and I am already ‘desperate’. I can’t take it anymore “.

The Estu will have to now hire an outside to replace Barea in the remaining match and that could be decisive for their permanence in the Endesa League.

In the 18 matches in which Barea has played, his numbers have been acceptable: 12.6 + 1.6 + 4.7 and 10.1 rating, with 2.3 losses average in its most negative facet. But since your arrival failed to prevent free fall in which the team was located, which with it has accredited a balance of four wins and 15 losses.

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Via Marca.com