TThomas Satoransky spoke about his season with the Pelicans in an interview with Nova Sport within the NBA Triple Show program. And the Czech base acknowledged that he is not having a good time due to the absence of minutes and prominence, winking at a possible return to Europe next summer, when his contract ends. The main obstacle may be his economic pretensions after earning 10 million dollars this campaign.

“I have days when the frustration is enormous, but you have to hold on mentally,” acknowledges the game director, who played for Sevilla between 2009 and 2014 and played for Barcelona for two years before going to the NBA in 2016. First He spent three seasons with the Wizards, then two with the Bulls and now lives his first year in New Orleans.

There, the 30-year-old point guard, 2.01 meters tall, has played 31 games with averages of 14.9 minutes, 2.8 points, 2.0 rebounds and 2.3 assists. “I usually play between 10 and 15 minutes divided into three or four rotations. That is my biggest challenge, finding the rhythm in a short time. But it is not easy,” he explains.

Satoransky demands a little more prominence from coach Willy Green to be able to give the best of himself. “He is a rookie coach, but he communicates a lot with the players. We have spoken several times. The problem is not that he does not want to play with confidence, it is that I need it based on minutes. They know what I can contribute”, concludes the base, who has already accumulated 364 games in the NBA.