The clothing collection campaign carried out in the Movistar Estudiantes – Leyma Coruña match at the proposal of the player Nacho Martín and organized by the Fundación Estudiantes in cooperation with the NGO Solidarios para el Desarrollo collected 126 kilos of clothing. Thanks for your help!

As he did in previous seasons in other clubs in which he has been a member, the player Nacho Martín promoted the solidarity collection of sportswear coinciding with Christmas dates, and proposed to the Fundación Estudiantes to organize this donation campaign.

Together with Solidarios para el Desarrollo, an NGO with more than 30 years of experience and with which Fundación Estudiantes has worked on previous occasions, this collection was organized in the run-up to the LEB Oro match between Movistar Estudiantes and Leyma Coruña.

All donated clothing was collected directly by Solidarios para el Desarrollo, which focuses its volunteer work with those who suffer social exclusion, discrimination and loneliness (homeless, elderly, prison inmates, people with disabilities and health problems mental).

In total, 126 kilos of clothes were obtained, donated both by the player Nacho Martín himself and by the Movistar Estudiantes club and by the fans who attended the meeting. Solidarios para el Desarrollo will be in charge of distributing it in the coming days.