Lace Aday Mara exhibits Y Juan Nunez During the last weekend in the junior Euroleague he has once again demonstrated the good health of youth basketball in Spain, which sees how the generational change may be less abrupt than expected. Names such as those of the homegrown players of Zaragoza and Real Madrid along with other more established ones such as Usman Garuba or Carlos Alocen and the season of Santi Aldama across the Atlantic invite optimism to continue seeing Spain as one of the great powers of the international concert. But there is more, much more than them.


Santi Aldama, the great project of Spanish basketball, imposes its law in the United States

The Canarian pivot (20 years) of the Loyola University has been one of the great sensations in the NCAA season signing one of the best seasons in the history of the Spanish in American college basketball. In fact, Aldama has become the best european player on the NCAA Division I and although playing in a tournament without much potential, the patriot league, the pivot finished the season with 21.2 points, 10.1 rebounds, 2.3 assists and 1.7 blocks, leading the Greyhounds in all those statistical sections. Some figures that have allowed him to enter the NBA radar, which does not lose detail of its evolution.


Garuba’s punch at a full seven feet like Arteaga

If Aldama can be a novelty for the general public, Usman Garuba Y Carlos Alocen They are already two consolidated realities in the Endesa League in a team as demanding as Real Madrid. The Azuqueca de Henares phenomenon has been gaining prominence season after season in Pablo Laso’s team until he became a fixture for the Vitorian as evidenced by his 100 games with the first team at just 19 years old. A marvel that continues to work every day to improve benefits that invite you to dream of everything. Endowed with an extraordinary physique, he is a tireless defense worker that this season averages 4.6 points, 4.9 rebounds and 0.7 steals in Liga Endesa (2.5; 3.3 and 0.5 in Euroleague) and remains as one of the great international projects of the 2021 draft.

Magic, self-confidence and decision; Carlos Alocén already justifies his signing

Your partner’s name Carlos Alocen (20 years old) He also aims to be among the next class of rookies in the NBA after his first season with the white team after two years. emerging at the Casademont Zaragoza. The value of the hand guard has been increasing year after year until reaching the white team and being international with the Spanish team in Las Ventanas. Its speed, its size and its ability to create play (“He is an extremely versatile, creative and precise passer both in the midcourt and in transition,” they point out in the reports of the NBA scouts). jump to Real Madrid and stay under the gaze of the NBA with just 20 years. And although it was difficult for him to take the helm of a team like Madrid, Campazzo’s departure has forced him to give a step forward that he has assumed with the same naturalness with which he has been burning all the stages of his still short career.


The explosion of the last great talent of the Barcelona quarry

Set course for United States in 2018 to carry out an intense training program and the results did not take long to arrive for a Sergi Martínez (21 years old) that has become one of the pillars of Barça for the future and the present. The eaves, which does not resign from the 2021 draft after retiring his name last season, he has become a fixed for Jasikevicius. In fact it was the player most used by the Lithuanian coach during the month of January in the Endesa League (23.5). A rock that has passed through all the lower categories of a Barça that he arrived at when he was just nine years old and is characterized by his versatility as it can combine the positions of forward and power forward . Consolidated in rotation of Saras, who has surrendered to her defensive ability, averages 3.7 points and 2.8 rebounds in almost 15 minutess on court.


Junior Euroleague. Summary Bayern 77-99 Joventut

Joel Parra (20 years old), Joventut de Badalona player, was one of the great novelties of the Scariolo’s latest list to contest the Eurobasket Qualification Windows 2022. Some matches that have become a great opportunity to provide an alternative to players in training such as Alocén or the youth squad of La Penya. A player who already knows what it is like to rub shoulders with the best of his generation as he demonstrated in prestigious appointments such as the Jordan Classic or the Basketball Without Borders, the program for young talents that is part of the NBA All Star. This ‘3-4’ debuted with the Badalona team in 2017 and this season a fixed hole has been made in the plans of Carles Durán (11 minutes per game; 2.7 points and 2.4 rebounds in ACB), which has been able to wait for the right moment to enter the latest product from an inexhaustible quarry.


This is how Jordan’s new Spanish pearl is being prepared

It was one of the most dominant ‘5’ in the lower categories of Spanish basketball in the ranks of Casademont Zaragoza and the national team, shining in continental championships to the point of convincing Jordan. He has known how to adapt his game to his size and has changed position to become strong at ‘4’ when everything pointed to a position closer to the rim. He made a name for himself on the greats’ agenda in last season’s Final Phase in Valencia. The losses of Zaragoza forced to pull the quarry and Pradilla (20 years) did not disappoint8 points, 3.2 rebounds and an assist in 14 minutes) as it has not done in his first season in Valencia Basket with whom he has already debuted in Euroleague (3.1 points, 1.3 rebounds in five games).


Rubén Domínguez (18 years old) changed the sun of Cádiz and Málaga (began to emerge in the quarry of Unicaja) for a Madrid that welcomed him with open arms to make him one of the biggest foreign projects in Spanish basketball. First in the ranks of Torrelodones and later in the Movistar Estudiantes and in the lower categories of the Spanish team with which it was MVP in the European U16 in 2019. An escort in the strictest sense of the term in a basketball that no longer recognizes positions other than exterior or interior. A great scorer and an excellent shooter who in recent seasons has increased his defensive performance and is improving your game vision after passing through ‘1’ during some phases with the Magariños team, which has already given him the alternative in the ACB.

But Domínguez is not the only product of the collegiate quarry that is called to be an important piece of the future in Spanish basketball. Is about Hector Alderete. A player who only two serious injuries have slowed down in a progression that seemed unstoppable when he was called to train with the Estu first team.


Even the rivals applaud the pearl of Madrid, Juan Nuñez

Juan Núñez (16 years old) has made headlines again after his performance at the Istanbul ANGT tournament. However, it is not the first time that the spotlights have been pointed at young base of Real Madrid who has already accumulated awards and titles such as MVP of the Minicopa 2018, MVP of the ANGT or the ideal quintet of the Eurobasket U16 of 2019 that played being a year younger. A talent that combines great technical qualities with a great read of the game, which makes him a great passer and a leader to his teammates. Virtues that have not gone unnoticed for Pablo Laso, that already He called him for the Final Phase of Valencia last season to make up for the loss of Salah Mejri. A talent that has already caught the attention of the NBA while he continues to grow in his game to try to emulate his idols: Milos Teodosic and Vassilis Spanoulis.

In the same appointment that has elevated Nuñez, a new Spanish basketball diamond has also stood out. Is about Aday Mara, youth squad at Casademont Zaragoza and that he is called to be one of the pivots of the future with his 15 years old and 2.18 tall. In Istanbul it has stood out for its great knowledge of the game, his ability to pass and his good touch to shoot near the rim, averaging 8.5 points, 10.5 rebounds, 3.5 assists and 14 credits in the last ANGT tournament in Istanbul. A youth competition that he has played as a cadet. From the Casademont Zaragoza, with whose first team he has already exercised in summer, they emphasize his good head and his disposition for the work. They also trust that, with their 15 years, you still have a few inches to grow. It would not be strange to see him exceed 2.20 meters.


Yannick Nzosa, best blocker in the history of the ACB … with less than 18 years

Yannick Nzosa It is one of the positive events of the season in Unicaja. Its precocity has no limits and it has been demonstrating this since debuted with the Los Guindos team with Luis Casimiro to make history like the player under 18 with the most blocks in the ACB. Sum 23 in domestic competition, a figure that has allowed him to surpass Usman Garuba. To that number we must add the eight that the young player has achieved in the Eurocup. It is one of the great bets of the FEB, which has already got down to work to nationalize Nzosa and that he can play with the Spanish team soon.

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