Walter Tavares, pivot of the Real Madrid, is the first player to register his name in the list of winners award for best defender of the Endesa League, established for the first time this season by the ACB.

As it is an award that is not only a matter of numbers, the ACB had a luxury jury, made up of eight League legends. During the broadcast of the program Basket al Día, from #Vamos, the best blockers and ball retrievers in the history of the competition were in charge of publicizing their scores.

Plug references like Fran Vazquez (historical leader with 738 caps), Fernando Romay (2nd, 671), Sitapha Savané (5th, 499) and Anicet Lavodrama (8th, 395) and ‘thieves’ of the stature of Joan Creus (3rd in history with 1087 recoveries), Rafa Jofresa (4th, 968), Carlos Jimenez (5th, 941) and Save Díez (6th, 937) were awarding three, two and one point to the players who, in his opinion, excelled the most in dark and defensive tasks during the 2020-21 academic year.

All the experts agreed to vote for Tavares, taking the maximum score of five judges (Romay, Vázquez, Savané, Lavodrama and Jiménez) and two points of Creus, Jofresa and Diez.

The 2.21 m pivot reached a final score of 21 points, touching the maximum possible of 24, and leading by 9 to second place, Alberto Díaz. The base of Unicaja was the favorite of Save Díez, in addition to being named by four experts as second and taking one more vote as third best defender.

Rudy Fernández (4) and Leo Bolmaro (3), considered the best advocates for Rafa Jofresa and Joan Creus respectively, completed the honor roll alongside Adam Hanga (4) and Pierria Henry (3).

The Cape Verdean player currently occupies the first place in the ranking of plugs. Your mean of 2.3 almost double to that of the next classified. In addition, it is the leader in offensive rebounds (3.16), and occupies the second place in defensive sacks (4.96) and global

(8.13). Absolute leader in the +/- statistic

As if that were not enough, add 0.9 recoveries per encounter and its importance transcends any statistics. His inches and his intimidation cause Tavares is, currently, the Outstanding leader in the Over / Under statistic, with +12.1 for Real Madrid every time the pivot is on the track.

“It is an award that I have always dreamed of being given in the Endesa League. Being the first to win it is a pride “, Walter assured in Basket Al Día of #Vamos when he learned of the designation.

It is an award that I have always dreamed of being given in the Endesa League. Being the first to win it is a pride

Walter Tavares (Center of Real Madrid)

The Best Defender of the Endesa League 2020-21 recalled that the coach who most influenced him in his career was Pedro Martínez, during his years in the Herbalife Gran Canaria. “With your arms so long you have, if you don’t plug, you don’t play,” he remembers saying to him, leaving a mark on him: “A very demanding coach. It helped me to play aggressively, with intention “.

And is that Tavares It is clear to him, this basketball is played on the two courts: “Real Madrid always have players with great offensive talent, so I at least help them with my defense”.

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