BAir conditioning for fans and professional football and basketball clubs: they will be able to reopen their stadiums and, with them, regain the business volume that revolves around them. “We return to normality in terms of the influx of public to the stadiums”, confirmed the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias after the Council of Ministers.

This is great news, we are already reaching the end of the tunnel

Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga

They do not specify if it will be for the entire capacity, or for a certain percentage because they cannot. What they have done is return this matter to the Autonomous Communities, which have the powers and will be the ones to decide from now on.

“This is great news, we are already reaching the end of the tunnel,” explained the president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas to BRAND as soon as the news is known.

Non-mandatory outdoor masks

The Government of Spain has approved in the Extraordinary Council of Ministers to eliminate, together with the use of the masks outside, capacity restrictions in football and basketball stadiums. This has been a decisive factor in the financial crisis of football and professional basketball: it is not only the lack of subscribers, and the inevitable worsening of the spectacle without an audience. It is also the gigantic economic blow for clubs that generate income thanks to their facilities: museums, VIP boxes, party experiences, restaurants …

The mask will be necessary to go to football or basketball

For the small clubs, which basically live on television income, the situation has been bad, but more or less tolerable. For the older ones … it has been a very hard blow that has cut the source of up to 30% of their income in the bud. Real Madrid, Barcelona, ??Atlético, Betis, Seville, Valencia… clubs that now, thanks to the advance in vaccination, will recover a powerful asset to overcome the post-pandemic crisis.

Regarding the “release” of the masks abroad, the minister confirms that their obligation to be outdoors is withdrawn when there may be a distance of 1.5 meters. “The fact that they are no longer mandatory means that the masks give way again to the smile. The remission of the pandemic, the indicators, allow this flexibility,” he said. “If we are going to walk around our surroundings, no, but if we are going to take public transport, then yes. It will be convenient to always carry it with us to comply with what this modification says,” he added Carolina Darias.

Right at the best time

This decision comes, precisely, at the best moment for the clubs, which can present their balance sheets and accounts for June 30 (control date in LaLiga), already anticipating his forecast of income with public in the stadiums … but really, not like last season. The First and Second clubs prepared their accounts thinking that they would have 50% attendance at the stadiums, something that did not happen and that further penalized the adjustments they had to make during 2020-21.

With this decision, the Government has abolished article 15.2 of the New Normal Law on the influx of the public to soccer and basketball stadiums. In addition, it aims to make the current limitations on access to airport buildings more flexible, until now only allowed to people with tickets, working personnel, security forces and bodies and inspection workers, but it will be with another agreement of the Council of Ministers on a proposal from the Minister of Transport, José Luis Ábalos