The Herbalife 3×3 Series Circuit returns to lead the consolidation of the Olympic modality

The Herbalife 3×3 Series 2021 circuit has already confirmed the dates of its calendar. The Spanish Basketball Federation and Madison Sports Marketing will organize the second edition of this national league, which will have five tournaments and will score for the FIBA ??ranking. Cash prizes are foreseen for the winners of each tournament and the organizers have already established a protocol to ensure compliance with the anticovid measures.

The Herbalife 3×3 Series 2021 will start in Madrid (July 9-10) and will pass through Zaragoza (July 24-25), Marbella (July 30-31) and El Campello (August 13-14) before the Final Master in Barcelona (September 3-4). Each Open Tournament will have the participation of 16 male and 16 female teams, while in the Final Master the 12 teams of each category with the best score will compete. With this calendar, the Herbalife 3×3 Series 2021 will bring the best 3×3 basketball show to some of the best urban locations in our country.

Open registration, prizes and aids for players

Registrations for the Herbalife 3×3 Series Circuit tournaments are now open and teams that wish to do so can now register at×3/ This year, the Spanish Basketball Federation will grant accommodation aid to the first eight teams according to the FIBA ??ranking that have at least two players who are in the TOP 100 of the FIBA ??ranking. In addition, and as it happened in the previous edition of the league, there will be prizes of up to € 1,500 for the winning teams in both the men’s and women’s categories.

With the celebration of this second edition of the circuit, both the FEB and Madison reinforce their support for the 3×3 basketball modality, which this year will be played as an Olympic discipline at the Tokyo Olympics. To these entities is added Herbalife Nutrition, as the main sponsor, Finetwork Y Sports world as a media partner. The latter will broadcast the tournaments in streaming.

The act was carried out by Jorge Garbajosa, president of the FEB; Cristina Delgado, Herbalife Nutrition sponsorship supervisor, Elisa Aguilar, director of the FEB Leagues; Y Juan Mendez, Madison Communications Director. Many personalities from the participating venues also attended. The general director of planning, coordination, research and training of Physical Activity and Sport of the Community of Madrid, Antonio Guerrero placeholder image; the mayor of El Campello, Juanjo Berenguer; the Councilor for Sports of the Zaragoza City Council, Cristina Garcia; the Director of Facilities and Events of the Junta de Andalucía, Isabel Sanchez; the Councilor for Sports of the Marbella City Council, Manuel Sardinia; the councilor for sports of the Alcobendas City Council, Marta Espin and the director general of the FEB, Oscar Graefenhain.

Jorge Garbajosa: “The 3×3 comes to occupy an important space in sports and entertainment”

The president of the FEB, Jorge Garbajosa, opened the event and stated that “the passage of time has shown that the bet on 3×3 basketball was a success and that it culminated in the presence of 3X3 in the sports program of the Olympic Games. My obsession has been to place the 3×3 as a priority objective of our management, because it has a great margin of growth and comes to occupy an important space for urban practice and entertainment for fans.

Cristina Delgado: “3×3 basketball is back”

The Herbalife Nutrition Sponsorship Supervisor, assured that “3×3 basketball is back and it is good news for the sport. After the 2020 break, the players have been returning little by little to the courts. But we have come back stronger, with more energy, and Herbalife 3×3 will be the prelude to the debut of 3×3 basketball at the Games “

Juan Méndez: “The confidence of the venues turns sport into the solution”

Madison’s communication director wanted to “thank the venues for their trust. For me, they are heroes in the way of facing this new situation and they take a step forward to turn sport into the solution and not the problem. Bringing basketball to iconic urban venues is Madison’s obsession. “

Elisa Aguilar: “The experience of the first edition was very positive”

The head of the FEB Leagues added that “having a national league is the first step in turning this modality into a professional one. We have the support of a media partner like Mundo Deportivo and a digital community is being created in social networks of great growth, very active with the players, players and professional clubs that is giving visibility to a modality with a great future. “

Anticovid health protocols

The Herbalife 3×3 Series ball bounces again after the postponement and subsequent cancellation of the national circuit in 2020. Since then, Madison and the FEB have been working with their eyes set on different scenarios, conditioned by the evolution of the crisis of the COVID-19. Finally, the evolution of the incidence of the pandemic in recent months and the implementation of the vaccination plans established by the authorities have allowed us to be optimistic.

Both organizations work with the objective that the circuit can develop as normally as possible and always within the strictest health and safety procedures, both for the players and for the public and the organization’s personnel of the circuit. In this sense, the FEB and Madison have built a security protocol, which will implement different measures before, during and after each tournament, aimed at avoiding and minimizing health risks.

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