Rivero arrived in 2017 to play his last season as a professional player as the culmination of a long and successful career after which the Alicante club offered the opportunity to take the reins of the team as head coach in the summer of 2018 at LEB Plata with the aim of achieve promotion to LEB Gold. Rivero assumed this responsibility and in his first season as coach, he won the LEB Silver Cup and guided the team to a promotion to LEB Gold that the club had been pursuing for seasons. Rivero led a team that finished the regular league first and achieved 16 consecutive victories.

After the promotion, Pedro Rivero’s second campaign at the command of HLA Alicante was in LEB Oro. A category to which the Lucentino club arrived with the sole objective of achieving permanence and consolidating the team in the second category of national basketball. In the debut in LEB Oro, the HLA Alicante stood out as one of the sensations of the category and placed at the top of the classification. The start of 2020 brought with it a streak of 9 victories that was only stopped in March when the pandemic paralyzed the competition.

Already in the 2020-2021 season, the start was unbeatable with the undefeated team until the month of December in which they reaped the first defeat of the year. First and only defeat in a 2020 that Pedro Rivero’s HLA Alicante ended with a balance of 18 victories and only 1 defeat. During this season we have enjoyed historic events such as the final of the Princess Cup and a long way to reach the semifinals of the playoff for promotion to Liga Endesa.

Rivero’s influence on the team and on the game was evident from his beginnings as a coach. Since his arrival on the bench, both the coach and the club have experienced great growth together and HLA Alicante has finished among the 4 best teams the three campaigns led by the Segovian.

In his farewell statements, Pedro Rivero has stated: “I want to say thank you for these four fantastic years. First, to thank the club for giving me the opportunity to retire as a player here and then for giving me the opportunity to debut as a coach. Thanks to Toni, Daniel and Guillermo Rejón for giving me that chance to start my coaching career. I want to thank the people who have been close during these years without forgetting anyone. Thanks to all the players, from the first to the last, who have been here. That first LEB Plata team will always be in my memory. Thank all the people in the club: doctors, physios, Adrián, Roberto, people from the offices, the press. This last year I also want to remember Fabio and Raúl. And, without a doubt, of the two Albertos, who have been together for a long time and more than a sports relationship, we have a personal relationship and we are friends.

Thanks to the fans who have always treated me in a spectacular way and, especially, to Kali Nord, who are a main asset of the club.

I wish the club the best, I wish them continue to grow and that they will soon be in ACB, which I know is what they are after. May they have many successes in the future ”

Meanwhile, the gratitude of the Lucentum Foundation is expressed in the words of the president of the entity, Tony Gallego: “After the four wonderful seasons enjoyed in Alicante, from the club we can only thank Pedro for having been a very important part of the way to return basketball elite to Alicante and wish him the best of luck, as well as all the best for his future, both personally and professionally ”