The Catalan center arrives in Alicante to reinforce Lucentino’s inside game after achieving promotion to the Endesa League last season with Coviran Granada.


HLA Alicante and Edu Gatell (Tarrasa, 1989) have reached an agreement for the Catalan center to become a new Lucentian player for next season. Gatell arrives in Alicante after achieving promotion to the Endesa League with Coviran Granada.

Gatell signs for Alicante as one of the most consolidated players in the LEB Oro, a category in which he has played more than 270 games and has achieved two promotions to the ACB, last season in Granada and the one harvested with Melilla in the campaign 2015-16. The Catalan center will celebrate his tenth consecutive season in the league in Alicante.

Last season, in which he finished as league champion with the Granada team, the new Lucentian player played all 34 regular league games, as well as the Princess Cup. In the regular season he played an average of 13.3 minutes per game in which he added 4.8 points, 3.1 rebounds and an average PIR of 5.4 per game. To the statistics we must add his competitive quality and commitment, as well as many other intangibles that are added to his daily work.

Statements by Rafa Monclova:

“He is a center with a lot of experience in the competition and one of the best national “fives” in the league. He comes from the champion team, where he had an important role, something usual within all the teams he has been on. He is a player who usually connects well with the stands due to his involvement, intensity and how he experiences matches. He is going to help us a lot in those interior positions. He comes with great enthusiasm, he is excited because he knows that the Alicante project can help him continue to be in the elite. This is what we’re looking for, players who are still hungry. We combine youth with experience and in this case we signed a well-known veteran in the league who will surely give us a very good performance for the project that I am sure will be very exciting.”

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