ORnot of the incombustible players of our basketball ‘lower the blind’. Albert Oliver has announced through his social networks that he will leave basketball at the end of the Endesa League season with CAB Obradoiro. The 43-year-old Catalan point guard will play his last game against Valencia Basket at ‘A Caldeira de Sar’ (May 14, 8:45 p.m.).

Oliver leaves after being part of the umpteenth miracle of the Santiago institution. A new salvation with Moncho Fernández in the engine room of the Sar team, certified in Badalona. In 2021-22, the Catalan was present in 19 games, his season with fewer games since two with Betis and the second of his active, forming part of the then called Pinturas Bruguer Badalona.

Albert Oliver is a heritage of Spanish basketball, as he has played 674 games in the ACB League. With 5,211 total points and printing numbers as its maximum of 28 points on April 6, 2013 forming part of Gran Canaria against Cajasol in San Pablo.

In addition, it has had a strong impact outside the domestic tournament. Like being part of the Spanish National Team in the windows for the 2019 World Cup in China, which ended up being won by Scariolo’s team. Release his record in the impressive Spanish Super Cup in 2019 with Gran Canaria or in 2018 when he became the oldest scorer in the history of the Euroleague.

“To Something Else Butterfly”

“I started playing at school when I was six years old and I left it when I was 43 (…). I have enjoyed it every day. And a lot,” he says in his open letter published on social networks. In it he thanks coaches, teammates, coaches, clubs and fans.

He closes with a message to his family and friends that measures what kind of professional he has been. “Thanks to luck. Why? Because there are things in life that you can’t choose. You can’t choose your parents, brother, children and the person you fall in love with. I did not choose him but, luckily, I have the best by my side. To something else butterfly “, she sentences.

Via Marca.com