We go back in time to March 8, 2020. At that time, Perfumerías Avenida celebrated the conquest of the Queen’s Cup on the Multiusos de Salamanca floor after the dispute of a grand final with about 5,000 spectators in its steps.

A title that, how could it be otherwise, aroused feelings of all kinds in the celebration of the players: songs, congratulations, hugs and of course the occasional tear. Although, in the case of Andrea Vilaró, the latter seemed to mix joy with a certain feeling of helplessness for not having been able to help the team as she would have liked.

This seemed to be perceived through a lost look with which the Catalan player seemed to reflect on the barely 4 minutes of play that she had had in the total count of the last two games.

A title with which Andrea debuted her cup record and that, however, seemed not to completely satisfy a naturally non-conformist player. A competitive virtue that led him to settle in LF Endesa some years ago and which has been key at all times for those teams that have been fortunate enough to be able to enjoy his services.

Because, when the simplest thing would have been to throw in the towel and perhaps look for another destination in search of other minutes, Vilaró decided not to resign himself by starting a whole process of self-recycling.

The best possible way to reconcile with yourself and an infallible method. Because, on this occasion, the face of the perfume escort at the time of collecting the title as champion of the LF Endesa was very different …

Vilaró: “My desire to help the team is always above everything”

Officially renewed by Perfumerías Avenida for the next two seasons, Andrea Vilaró is today the main focus of attention in a city of Salamanca in which she has felt especially loved and in which she seems to have given a new direction to a career that has completed this year his personal triplet.

Some titles that are the best of rewards for a player we approach in the middle of the holiday period, but with her restless mind already anticipating what will be next season.

Champion of Super Cup and Queen’s Cup in 2020 to release your personal record, but in 2021 Andrea Vilaró can already say that she is a League Champion …

“Any title is important and any title requires a lot of sacrifice, but being able to win a League is something really special and it gives you a lot of happiness. The League title is the one that rewards the work of a whole season and I can assure you that behind this league title there is a lot of work on the part of the coaching staff and each and every one of the teammates. Since the first day of practice last summer, the team has strived to be the best possible version of itself and that is why I think we have deserved this result ”.

But if there is something undeniable, it is that the face of Andrea Vilaró has once again transmitted joy on the track this season …

“Well, what I have tried to convey has been my desire to help the team at all times, play 5 minutes, 10 or 25. I think this year I have found the necessary confidence to be able to offer the team what it has demanded. of me at all times and that has allowed me to help as much as possible. It has been one of the hardest and most difficult season that I can remember and perhaps that has also helped to see that, with hard work, things end up working out ”.

What has changed from last season to this one so that you have been able to recover the version of that player who aroused the interest of a whole Perfumerías Avenida?

“Probably this season I already had a year of experience… Last year was very hard because it was difficult for me to assume that role change and to adapt to that new situation. The passage of time has been what has helped me understand that, when you go to a large team coming from a smaller one, the prominence that you could bring should be left aside. In a large team, the leading role is more distributed and perhaps in the most important moments it does not correspond to you, but despite this, your work is still just as important for the team’s operation. This year I have internalized all that better and hence the results ”.

And showing at all times that, in a team like Perfumerías Avenida, the national player can be very important …

“It can and should be, because the national base is key when it comes to being able to consolidate all those foreign players who are bequeathing to the team to contribute their quality. The Spanish player knows the competition, has the experience and is perfectly qualified to be important in a team in which the demand is highest both in Spain and in Europe. This year I think we have shown that this base has been one of the keys to the proper functioning of the team thanks to the confidence of the coaching staff in our work ”.

And what better award than the renewal of that national bloc with Andrea Vilaró as the protagonist today …

“Yes, I really wanted and was very excited to be able to continue here. I feel very respected and the fans have shown me great affection, so from today on, we start thinking about the new season and everything that may be to come ”.

Season statistics – Andrea Vilaró:

Played games: 36
Minutes: 16 pp
Points: 4.3 pp
Rebounds: 2.2 pp
Assists: 1.9 pp
Recoveries: 0.6 pp
Caps: 0.1 pp
Fouls received: 1.1 pp
Rating: 5 pp

Sports career – Andrea Vilaró:

Cat. Training: IPSI Desports Center
2004/07: Universitat Barcelona FCB (Children)
2007/08: Community of Catalonia (Cadet)
2008/09: Segle XXI (Junior)
Segle XXI (Women’s League 2)
2011/12: University of Florida (NCAA – USA)
2012/13: Reds from Toro Caja Rural (LF Endesa)
2013/14: Beroil City of Burgos (LF Endesa)
2014/15: CB Al-Qázeres (LF Endesa)
2015/19: Cadí La Seu (LF Endesa)
2019/22: Perfumerías Avenida (LF Endesa)

International career – Andrea Vilaró:

2008: Gold Medal – European U16F (Poland)
2009: Gold Medal – European U16F (Italy)
2010: Eighth Place – U17 World Cup (France)
2010: Silver Medal – European U18F (Slovakia)
2011: Bronze Medal – European U18F (Romania)
2012: Gold Medal – European U20F (Hungary)
2013: Gold Medal – European U20F (Turkey)
2019: Gold Medal – Senior European (Serbia)

Delegated trajectory – Andrea Vilaró:

2018: Sixth place – U17F World Cup (Belarus)