It was the summer of 2009 when the American Anthony Stacey decided to put an end to his career in a LEB Gold League of which he said goodbye with 284 games disputed. A figure that would go down in history as the greater number of encounters played by a foreign player in the competition.

A record that seemed very distant then for a Jeff Xavier who was preparing to play his first games with the shirt of a Breogán River that he had served as his passport to Spain and with which he would not take long to show his quality.

From there, Cáceres, Palencia, Burgos or A Coruña They have been serving as their sports destinations before repeating again at the historic club in Lugo and enjoying a second stage in the capital of Extremadura. Because it was precisely on the Multiusos de Cáceres court where Jeff was able to break into history, reaching those 284 encounters that his former partner tried to approach in the past. Taylor coppenrath.

Although it was not until yesterday when the foreign country of Cape Verdean origin has been able to achieve those 285 official matches, a figure that resisted him after the Extremadura team did not qualify for the Playoffs last year and that was stopped with its non-continuity in the green-black team. But it was his return to competition, just six days later, that allowed Jeff to once again feed his own story (81-73).

Thus, the veteran international guard will increase from today his new record with the shirt of a Unicaja Banco Oviedo to whom he already helps with his quality and experience, raising a new question … how far can he stretch this new record?

The answer, about the Pumarín parquet …

Jeff Xavier: “It makes me feel very proud because this data means a lot to me”

Returning to his new home after their historic meeting at the Pisuerga Sports Center, guard Jeff Xavier takes advantage of the rest day to start working on his debut in Pumarín next weekend. A brief impasse that allows us to test his first impressions as a player from Oviedo.

Jeff Xavier is already the player with the highest number of games played in the history of the LEB Oro League, satisfied?

“It means a whole world for me to have been able to certify this record. It is a fact that speaks a lot about the work done, about all the effort and that rewards in some way my longevity both in basketball and in this prestigious competition. I have a real passion for this game and numbers like this make you very proud ”.

What feelings does this first match with Unicaja Oviedo leave you after your first training sessions?

“The first game was not as good as I would have liked. Mainly, because every time you lose you don’t have a good feeling, but I am very happy with this club and with all my players and coaches and I am ready to fight for a great season with Unicaja Oviedo ”.

They say that you had other offers, but that the presence of Natxo Lezkano in Oviedo …

“Yes, the coach is very important to me. It is important to know his style of play and his passion for basketball is like mine. I know him well from our time in Palencia and I know that he does anything to win every game and I love that about him. But also throughout my career I have played here in Oviedo and I always thought that the fans were really incredible and now I can play for them. Also, I heard a lot about the board of directors and how they treat the players and families here and that also played an important role in deciding to come here. ”

With almost 30 games to go, what is Jeff Xavier asking of the season?

“For me personally, I hope to be able to play the whole season without injuries so that I can help the team to the best of my ability. I just want to win, whatever it takes. So we are going to try that all that passion helps the team to go as far as possible ”.

Season statistics – Jeff Xavier:

Games played: 1
Minutes: 14.48
Points: 5
Rebounds: 1
Assists: 2
Recoveries: —
Plugs: —
Fouls received: 1
Rating: 6

Sports career – Jeff Xavier:

Training: HighSchool Mr. Raphael Academy
Manhattan (NCAA – USA)
2007/09: Provicence (NCAA – USA)
2009/10: Breogán River Milk (LEB Gold)
2010/11: Cáceres Creativa (LEB Gold)
2011/12: Palencia Basketball (LEB Gold)
2012/15: Ford Burgos (LEB Gold)
2015/16: Bayreuth (BBL – Germany)
2015/16: Cafés Candelas Breogán (LEB Oro)
2016/17: FC Porto (LPB – Portugal)
2017/18: Quimper UJAP (ProB – France)
2018/19: Club 5 Basketball (Portugal)
2018/20: Leyma Coruña (LEB Gold)

2020/21: Cáceres P. Humanidad (LEB Gold)

2021/22: Unicaja Banco Oviedo (LEB Gold)