Eight teams fighting for a title and four eliminatory rounds that will begin next Sunday in the post-season of a tremendously attractive LF Endesa. Home-and-away matches with home court advantage for the top four finishers and fun facts that make them more interesting.

The semis of a year ago are repeated | The two teams played one of the semifinals last season. The Salamancans went through after a great result in Maloste (55-77) and with those of Mario López very physically affected.
Two great coaches on the bench | Raquel Romo (Perfumerías Avenida) and Anna Montañana (Lointek Gernika) are two of the most prepared coaches in our basketball. The two assistants of the two teams will look for a way to hurt their rival.
I throw-Lo, ways to and fro | They have been partners in the women’s team and in training categories (European champions U18 2013 and U20 2015). Nogaye Lo and Belén Arrojo have played with both jerseys. The woman from Granada was in Salamanca in the 2018/19 season and the Balearic woman in Gernika the last two seasons.

Classic Team Playoff | They are two of the elite men’s clubs present in the LF Endesa (along with Casademont Zaragoza). Two teams that take care of their women’s section and that will compete for the 2021/22 league title
Short track record in competition | They are two of the great teams in the league, but not too long ago they competed in LF2. The ‘taronjas’ rose in 2018 and the schoolboys a season later.
Recovering two key pieces | Raquel Carrera has already returned to training, while Movistar Estudiantes is working to get Laura Quevedo back for this quarterfinal tie. Two fundamental players pending their physical condition.

MVP duel | Rebekah Gardner (Spar Girona) and Mariam Coulibaly (IDK Euskotren) were two of the three nominees for the season MVP award. In the end, the award went to the American. Will it be the revenge of the Malian center?
The glass ceiling of the people of San Sebastian | Those of Azu Muguruza are regulars in the LF Endesa playoffs, but have never made it past the quarterfinals. The 6th place of the 16/17, 17/18 and 18/19 seasons are his historical top, the same in which the Regular League has finished.
27 months after the last Catalan defeat | Spar Girona lost to IDK Euskotren on matchday 16 of the 19/20 season (53-55). In the following two seasons, a balance of 4-0 for the Girona team.

Etxarri & Gimeno, national MVPs | Along with Cristina Ouviña, they were the two nominees for national MVP of the season. The award went to the power forward of Cadí la Seu, although Vega Gimeno is signing numbers very similar to Etxarri.
History predicts a close tie| The two teams have played four official matches with a balance of 2-2. In the 20/21 season it was +3 for the Catalans and +1 for the Aragonese. In the current one, also victories for the local teams. +8 in La Seu and +19 in Zaragoza.
First playoff match at Principe Felipe | The mythical stage of Zaragoza will host its first playoff game in the short history of its women’s team. In October, 5,700 spectators already attended the game against IDK Euskotren, and a large turnout is expected next Sunday.