In this way, with the arrival of IVF-Spain, the club reinforces the Lucentian women’s sports project and maintains its commitment to growing women’s basketball.

The agreement was ratified at the Pedro Ferrándiz facilities, where the representatives of IVF-Spain went to meet the first women’s team of Lucentum Alicante.

The general director of Lucentum Alicante, Daniel Adriasola, was present at the signing ceremony, and the director of the clinic, Francisco Compañ, and the gynecologist specializing in assisted reproduction in the center of Alicante, Dra Alejandra, attended the IVF-Spain Garcia-Villalba.

Daniel Adriasola has stated that “it is great news that more and more companies and entities want to join the Lucentian family and, in this case, want to take this path specifically together with our women’s team”.

This collaboration stems from IVF-Spain’s commitment to supporting sports practice in general, and professional women’s sports in particular, essential in a healthy lifestyle, closely linked to fertility. Furthermore, Dr. García-Villalba insists that “knowledge is power. Giving visibility to infertility, refuting taboos, as well as informing about concepts such as ovarian reserve are part of our duties as health professionals.”

IVF-Spain clinics are located in Alicante, Madrid and San Sebastian and are specialized in treating complex cases of infertility. Thus, they have the latest advances in Reproductive Medicine and outstanding professionals in this field.