ANDhe Joventut de Badalona recovered his best version to win again. After their European elimination against Virtus and their defeat against Coosur Betis, Penya showed their offensive versatility to annihilate Valencia Basket. Up to 7 players exceeded ten points in an afternoon in which Penya updated their historical records after winning again on a field that seemed impossible to assault for more than a decade (89-102).

The 2008/2009 season was the last in which Joventut beat Valencia Basket at La Fonteta. That day, the leader was Simas Jasaitis with 25 points. Thirteen years later, the MVP of the green and black was Pau Ribas (17), although he was supported by Shawn Dawson (16) and the direction of Ferran Bassas. And it is that the game of the Penya touched the excellence during almost all the party. And for example, the 38/55 in field goals.

Soon the Joventut de Badalona found its strengths. The success of Pau Ribas from the initial jump began to write an advantage and a rhythm that only Mike Tobey’s points could counteract. Pulling individualities and taking advantage of a fragile taronja defense, Joventut was tremendously comfortable on the Fonteta parquet. The only thing that showed otherwise was the score (21-24).

The success of Pau Ribas from beyond the goal was challenged by Klemen Prepelic. One more afternoon, Prepelic and his anarchy were the only response from a Valencia Basket with a mind on the Euroleague. So much so that the first foul taronja took 14 minutes to arrive. Despite everything, La Penya did not take advantage of its superiority and left its rival alive for the second half (43-47).

But there was going to be no room for opportunity. The Joventut came out with the victory between eyebrows and endorsed a partial of 3-11 that began to mean the maximum differences. The spirit of Sam Van Rossom tried to resurrect his team, who managed to close the gap with a 10-2, although it was too late. Confidence and success were only on the visiting side (62-71).

To row and swim again for Valencia Basket, but the epic is not always the best answer. Penya’s cool head prevented the game from becoming a runner-up and a madness of points that benefited him little or nothing. The impudence of Conor Morgan from the corner and the merit actions of Nenad Dimitrijevic and Dawson were the icing on the cake for a Joventut that also recovered the basketaverage.

Data sheet:

89.- Valencia Basket (21 + 22 + 19 + 27): Van Rossom (13), Sastre (6), Kalinic (14), Williams (2), Tobey (10) -five starters- Marinkovic (2), Prepelic (9), Pradilla (2), Labeyrie (13), Dubljevic (11), Vives (7) and San Emeterio (-).

102.- Joventut (24 + 23 + 24 + 31): Bassas (14), Ribas (17), Parra (5), Brodziansky (11), Brigander (4) -five starters- Dimitrijevic (13), Dawson (16), Morgan (10), Ventura (-) and Tomic ( 12).

Referees: Aliaga, Castillo and Mendoza. Without eliminated.

Incidents: match corresponding to matchday 29 of the regular phase of the Endesa League played at the Fonteta pavilion behind closed doors due to the restrictions due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

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