132 games will be played from May 1 to 7 in Huelva, Punta Umbría, Aljaraque and Palos de la Frontera. And the 132 can be seen live from the Canal FEB platform, just by making a small registration.


This Sunday, May 1, the Junior Spanish Championship will begin. 32 men’s and 32 women’s teams will fight for the first club title of the season in four cities and six halls. The Carolina Marín, Andrés Estrada and Diego Lobato from Huelva; the Hernández Albarracín in Punta Umbría, the Plus Ultra in Palos de la Frontera and the Municipal in Aljaraque will host the 132 games that will be played over seven days.

The 32 teams are divided into eight groups of four teams. The first four groups, made up of the seeded teams, will distribute three places for the round of 16. In groups E, F, G and H, the leaders of each one will qualify for the final eliminatory rounds. During Sunday, Monday and Tuesday the matches of the first phase will be played, three for each team.

Wednesday will be the day of the round of 16. On Thursday 5 the quarterfinals will be played. The semis will be on Friday the 6th while the grand final and the match for the bronze medal will be played on Saturday the 7th of May.

All the matches will be broadcast live and free of charge on the CanalFEB.tv platform. Only a small registration will be necessary. You can also see the matches already played in the ‘on demand’ mode.

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