They had an important test bench such as a preseason composed of more than 70 games and about 3,000 minutes of play, but it will really be this week that allows the 18 LEB Oro League technicians to be able to work on the first arguments solid.

This will allow them to have already overcome an intense league start in which the competition has played 3 games in just 8 days to deliver the first messages to their technicians.

Information to continue working on over the next few days so that your teams are able to take a new step forward on the fourth day of competition.


Movistar Estudiantes, the perfect adaptation: Movistar Estudiantes knows perfectly that a first year in the LEB Oro League is by no means an easy path and Jota Cuspinera has made it known to his men from the first day of work. A message that has penetrated deep into a squad with a wide margin of growth and that, for the moment, seems to have adapted perfectly to such demanding competition. Because the Madrilenians have been able to carry out three demanding matches in which they have been able to appreciate an evolution in their game. And it is that the team grows both in defense and in attack to go connecting a series of pieces to which they have added this weekend the intimidating Felipe Dos Anjos. All to be able to continue growing in a League in which its philosophy of “match by match” is helping the group to coexist with the pressure of those who have been singled out by all as the main favorite.

Unicaja Oviedo and EasyCharger Palencia, solid foundations: Both teams were facing the new season with the desire to be able to grow again in the competition and it seems that they had not done badly at the beginning of the season in which both have already left very good feelings on the parquet. In the case of the Oviedo, with a whole display of physique and muscle that has allowed them to remain undefeated and, in the case of the Palencia, with a practical and effective game in which the hand of the newcomer Pedro Rivero begins to be noticed. Of course, in both cases showing great solvency at home where they have been able to isolate themselves from the pressure to achieve four of their first six wins. A path that will allow him to work positively, on solid foundations and with the challenge of now being able to become strong at home in order to round off his great league start.

The surprising Cáceres P. Humanidad, takes a slice: They were among the last to complete their squad and lived through a convulsive preseason when it came to being able to train with all their men, but at Cáceres P. Humanidad have managed to overcome adversity to sign the perfect season premiere. Three victories against two demanding teams and a third against a direct rival for permanence that invite optimism within a team that has become strong from defense. A philosophy proposed by Roberto Blanco to his men and whose essence has been perfectly captured by a national bloc that has managed to infect the new pieces of the spirit of Cáceres. Thus, the green-black team can boast of having already traveled around 25% of the way towards a permanence that continues to be the priority objective.

Acunsa Gipuzkoa, aims high: They have the pressure of everything recently descended, but in the Acunsa Gipuzkoa they seem not to have started the course badly at all. Especially at home, where Lolo Encinas’ group signed an authoritarian triumph in Almansa and a whole triplet exhibition in Valladolid. Two victories with which to begin to calibrate a point of view that they could not refine in their only match at home in a duel that does not subtract an iota of merit from the work done. Because little by little, the team begins to take advantage of its offensive virtues to be able to become strong in the competition.

Three projects ready to claim: Last year’s finalists in the LEB Gold League, within Covirán Granada seem willing to try again this season. This is demonstrated by the continuity of the national bloc together with a start to the season in which signings like Peré Tomàs begin to shine on the floor to be able to add the first triumphs of the course. A team that adds two victories and a great number of good feelings, as has been done by a TAU Castelló called to take a new step forward. And that the injury of Edu Durán for the remainder of the season has been a hard blow for the Castellón team, a loss that, however, has not prevented two valuable wins in the beginning with a single defeat by a single point. Precisely his last victory came against a Girona Basketball team with the same balance and that seems to have started with many winning a vindication course on the slopes and in which the Catalan team wants to start on the right foot from the beginning.

The smile recovers based on results: They lived in the first person the harshness of the struggle for permanence throughout the past year and for that reason, their start in the league, now supposes a whole injection of morale. Because both Melilla Sport Capital and ICG Força Lleida have already added their first two triumphs in a league start in which Arturo Álvarez seems to have been able to get the best possible performance out of a workforce. A team that has become strong at home and that has drawn a line as upward as that of an ICG Força Lleida that, after its descent and subsequent salvation in the offices, has been able to regain the winning mentality. Gerard has been in charge of this and finds that he has been able to take advantage of the strengths of the initial defeat at the Wizink Center to add two consecutive wins. A group in which the good moment of Michael Carrera marks the step and to which a new reinforcement has even arrived in the last hours with the signing of forward Matej Kava.

Leyma Coruña, nerves out at the most opportune moment: It was not an easy start to the League, but Leyma Coruña breathes a little more relieved after the victory achieved last Sunday in Granada. A meeting with which to gain confidence at the expense of a powerful rival and in which the Coruña were able to break the negative dynamics of the team (0-2). Because perhaps the classification was not doing all justice to the game of a team with great potential and a remarkable margin of growth still ahead. A roster that has been carried away by character under the rings of a Nick Ward capable of signing two consecutive MVPs with which to call to calm a fans that are beginning to see the glass half full.

Step by step to seat your templates: They have only been able to add a victory in their first three games, but both the work of UEMC Real Valladolid and that of CB Almansa seem to be on a good line despite the fact that this has been rewarded with a single victory. Because this year both coaches have the complicated mission of making two talented groups work when before, but with many new players in their ranks. A handicap that will make both Roberto González and Rubén Perelló need time to polish two teams that, surely, will soon settle their names among those in the upper-middle zone.

HLA Alicante, in search of the long-awaited fortune: Watching HLA Alicante play, anyone would say that their victories record is still steel, but the reality is that the team trained by Gonzalo García de Vitoria has not enjoyed excessive fortune during the league start. The best proof of this, the defeat of the first day, in his fiefdom, after having been winning in several sections of the match, having to resort to two overtimes and after a winning basket from his rival on the horn. From that moment on, a loss by two points and another by three have completed the calendar of a team willing to achieve victory in its fourth round. Although for this they will have to prevail in the colossal WiZink Center in Madrid.

Palmer AM Palma and Levitec Huesca need the first: Fortune did not accompany them in the calendar draw, giving them two difficult starts, but both Palmer AM Palma and Levitec Huesca show symptoms in their game that invite optimism. And it is that the Balearic team has been carried away by the talent of the newcomer Máximo Fjellerup to treat rivals to whom they yielded at the last minute. For its part, the Huesca team has not stopped drawing a clear upward line to be able to opt for victory in its last round. Encounters that invite a certain optimism in two groups that the first victory will undoubtedly help to grow in the competition.

The harshness of the return punishes the newcomers: Both coming from a season in which the victories followed one another match after match, in the Juaristi ISB and the CB Prat they have come up against the toughness of the LEB Gold League this year. A competition that they already knew from previous experiences and in which their Betting on local players and training will take time to translate that confidence into victories. Meanwhile, both teams have shown that they can fight each game to the end as the numbers say, for example, a Basque team has lost all its matches for incomes below seven points.